“Wet” Hairstyles Were All Over the 2022 Oscars

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Last night’s Oscars saw numerous beauty looks take center stage. Besides the middle part,


Benefits, Types & Skin Care Products

Peptides are chains of amino acids linked together by peptide bonds, and amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Proteins like collagen, elastin, and keratin exist in our skin, hair, and nails—and thus caring for them should be a top priority for a well-rounded beauty routine. Peptides are naturally


Lessons From Metaverse Fashion Week

Metaverse Fashion Week promised an opportunity for brands to showcase the possibilities of digital fashion and break free of the constraints of reality. In a digital world, physics and physical bodies don’t have to apply. Instead, the reality of technical limitations hampered the experience, which often felt underwhelming.

The event


22 amazing women-owned beauty brands of 2022 to shop now

Whether it’s discovering more Black-owned fashion brands, exploring different Asian-owned brands for your everyday essentials or opting for gifts from BIPOC-owned businesses — supporting businesses owned by those part of historically marginalized communities is one of the easiest ways to champion these communities and the individuals who comprise them. Plus,


Bride Backed for Disinviting Mom from Wedding over Crass Disability Joke

A bride-to-be has taken the extreme step of disinviting her own mother from her wedding after she made a joke deemed so insensitive it prompted one social media user to brand her “a monster.”

Dark humor is very much the dish of the day in the world of comedy with


How Maya Portorreal founded Kitten Co. Jewelry

Three years ago, Maya Portorreal made $45,000 per year working in retail. Last year, she brought in more than $350,000 in sales from her online jewelry business, which she launched as a side hustle in 2019.

And it’s partially thanks to her sensitive skin.

As a retail assistant for luxury


Google Shopping List gets redesigned, no longer worth using

Google has itself historically been confused about where it wants you to list what you need in your refrigerator, pantry, and freezer. Back in the day, a “Groceries” list could be made in Google Keep, and asking Assistant to add something to your shopping list would place it there. Then,


Whether To Apply Skin Care to Wet or Dry Skin

No matter how amazing your skin-care products are, they can only work to their full potential if you’re putting them on correctly. Some ingredients work best when applied to slightly damp skin, while others require skin to be totally dry to reach peak performance. And if you don’t adhere

Hairstyles You’ll Be Asking For In Spring 2022

If you’re looking to add some more bounce to your hair without significantly altering the overall length, layers are a great way to go. Layers have been on-trend for over a year now, and this spring, they’re going to be trendier than ever, so now’s the perfect time to experiment.


25 best body lotions for all skin types

Body lotion, like face moisturizer, is essential for keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. “We so often overlook the rest of our skin, but it’s our largest organ and it requires targeted care,” Dr. Barbara Sturm says. According to the founder and CEO of her eponymous, cult-followed skin care brand