This Edgy Retro Haircut Is The Biggest Trend Of 2022

Let’s start with the pixie haircut, which has been all the rage lately, and honestly, it never entirely went out of style. Michelle Williams rocked this innocent-looking cut on the red carpet many times. Pixie is your go-to if you dare to cut it all off. 

If you want a


Jada Pinkett Smith’s Vegan Body Care Line Comes to 6,000 Walgreens

This week, vegan and cruelty-free brand Hey Humans is expanding the distribution of its personal care products to more than 6,000 locations of drugstore chain Walgreens. Actress Jada Pinkett Smith created the brand in partnership with beauty incubator Maesa and initially launched Hey Humans at Target last year where all


Fashion Has Entered Its Villain Era: Embracing Our Worst Behavior

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Style Points is a weekly column about how fashion intersects with the wider world.

Wellness obsession, virtue signaling, toting around green juice—consider them all a thing of the past. The national mood has shifted to one of gleeful self-pollution: downing martinis instead of natural wine, nights out bingeing your substance


Mented Cosmetics Disrupts $40 Billion Beauty Sector By Igniting Cultural Capital

The last few years have ushered in a whole new standard of diversity and inclusivity within the beauty industry. Retail companies like Mented Cosmetics, a multi-million dollar beauty brand celebrating women of all hues, helmed by CEO and co-founder KJ Miller, have risen to the occasion. Mented Cosmetics is


Go Ahead, Get High on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is already going to include a toast, so why not also include a toke? According to a recent survey from The Knot, 93% of people serve alcohol at their wedding, with the average couple spending $2,300 to stock the bar with beer, wine, and liquor. If all


A Growing Community of Jewelry Customers Want Size-Inclusive Rings

“Everybody deserves some type of luxury,” Ms. Bunn, 36, said.

Kelly Augustine, a 35-year-old stylist, looks for rings that are open and adjustable when dressing clients. She also keeps a running list of jewelry designers who are size inclusive. Her favorites include L’Enchanteur (sculptural, wearable talismans), Automic Gold and JLANI


New Vaseline Platform Helps Black People Get the Skin Care Support They Need

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Photo: Rido (Shutterstock)

Hyperpigmentation, vitiligo and keloids are some of the most common skin conditions affecting people of color. But trying to find information on diagnosis and treatment isn’t always easy.

Vaseline has long been a staple in Black medicine cabinets, healing everything from chapped lips to


11 E-Girl Hairstyle Trends That Basically Scream Y2K

From regencycore to the coquette aesthetic and the “clean girl” look, TikTok has introduced the world to so many style movements it feels impossible to keep track. Currently, there’s another noteworthy trend on the rise: the e-girl aesthetic (short for electronic girl), a term you might recognize from Doja Cat’s


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Shein and the rise of ultra-fast fashion | News

The Chinese clothing brand Shein was recently valued at $100bn (£78bn) – more than H&M and Zara combined. The company specialises in serving generation Z customers around the world the looks they see on social media at low prices. But it has not been without controversy.

Tech reporter Louise Matsakis