Vintage Chicago Tribune: Shopping malls!!!!!

It could have been the site of your first date, kiss, job, major purchase using allowance money or where you saw that hot summer blockbuster movie.

Let’s revisit your favorite local mall, Chicago.

If your mom or a friend’s mom didn’t drop you off in the family suburban, station wagon


Marshfield Plaza shopping center on Chicago’s South Side sold to New York investor

The deal adds to what has been a busy year for local shopping center sales, even as rising inflation and interest rates and turbulent financial markets have disrupted commercial real estate over the past few months. Shopping centers, especially those with grocery stores or other retailers less vulnerable to e-commerce


Los Angeles Shopping Center Shows Strength of Bricks-and-Mortar Retail

LYNWOOD, Calif.—The air conditioning in the food hall is broken. The parking lot is cracked. And for more than a year, the Plaza Mexico shopping center operated under bankruptcy-court protection.

But on a recent Sunday, families flocked to the 400,000-square-foot shopping center about 15 miles south of downtown Los Angeles.  

How the 3 oldest shopping centers in the OKC area hung on for so long

How the 3 oldest shopping centers in the OKC area hung on for so long

Stores slog through slumps, or slip into oblivion.

Restaurants rally or rest in peace, eventually.

Entertainment? Even venerable venues vacate premises sometimes.

It can get rough out there for retail. So how did the three oldest, continuously operated shopping centers in the Oklahoma City area hang on for generation after