21 Best Niacinamide Skin-Care Products for Gorgeous, Glowing Skin: Dermatologist and Editor Recommendations

Leave dull skin behind in 2022 with Hyper Skin’s Hyper Even Fade and Glow AHA Mask. Its ingredient list is almost too good to be true — glycolic acid, salicylic acid, mandelic acid, turmeric, and of course, niacinamide. These skin-care superstars work together to brighten, even skin tone, and target hyperpigmentation, leaving you with radiant skin that’s almost too good to be true. Did we mention that it won a 2022 Best of Beauty Award?

Eau Thermale Avène RetrinAL Advanced Correcting Serum

Merit Great Skin Instant Glow Serum

One of niacinamide’s best qualities — if we had to choose — is its ability to play nice with other ingredients, which is part of how it makes its way onto so many ingredient lists. Take the Eau Thermale Avène RetrinAL Advanced Correcting Serum for example, which is formulated with niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and bakuchiol, a gentler alternative to retinol. These three ingredients team up to target skin concerns like texture and dark spots. “This three-in-one serum is the MVP in my routine when I don’t feel like doing more than three steps.” says associate beauty editor Annie Blay.

Merit’s Great Skin Instant Glow Serum is a bi-phase, lightweight serum that adds a healthy radiance to the skin in flash. Niacinamide in the formula softens the skin and evens texture, while cacao seed extract and hyaluronic acid impart that dewy, well-rested glow — even if you have desert-dry skin. Commerce editor Sarah Han was so pleased with her results that she opted to skip base makeup when she was testing it. “I couldn’t stop admiring my skin and decided right away that I could totally skip my usual foundation,” she wrote in her review.

SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewal B3

Naturium Niacinamide Gel Cream 5%

The B3 mentioned in the name of SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewal B3 is, in fact, niacinamide, which proves how well it plays with other ingredients in this multipurpose emulsion. “This lightweight lotion combines five percent niacinamide, a tripeptide complex, and glycerin to deliver hydration without feeling heavy or leaving the skin feeling greasy,” Dr. Garshick tells Allure. The result is a more even tone, firmer skin, and a smoother, softer look and feel.

“An effective product should have between two and 10 percent niacinamide,” South Florida-based board-certified dermatologist Janet Allenby, MD, has told Allure. The Naturium Niacinamide Gel Cream 5% falls right in that sweet spot — and price, too. The lightweight hybrid moisturizer promises noticeable dewiness without greasiness; in fact, purifying pores is one of its main goals, so even oily skin can enjoy that fresh-faced, balanced glow.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer UV SPF 30

Pond’s Rejuveness Advanced Hydrating Night Cream

Unlike many active ingredients, niacinamide doesn’t cause sun sensitivity. In fact, Dr. Allenby says, niacinamide is photo-protectant, so it can actually give sunscreen a bit of a boost — like in the Best of Beauty Award-winning La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer UV. In addition to soothing redness like the entire Toleriane line does, it helps repair and protect the skin barrier with ceramides and, yep, niacinamide, which just so happens to be a notable barrier strengthener. (We told you it has multiple benefits.)