3 Top Skin Care Tips To Know, From A Holistic Plastic Surgeon

When the topic of plastic surgery comes up, I’m guessing you don’t immediately think of alternative medicine or holistic healing. They seem quite incongruous with each other, no? Well, on my most recent episode of Clean Beauty School, I spoke with “America’s holistic plastic surgeon” Anthony Youn, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon who has crafted a practice that’s centered around proactive measures against skin aging, holistic body care, and a less-is-more approach to treatments. (And has quite the following on TikTok I might add). 

But…what does this mean in practice? Well, according to Youn, it’s about educating people about all the prophylactic steps they can take to avoid having to go under the knife. Does that seem weird that a plastic surgeon wants to teach people how they can avoid plastic surgery? Maybe, but for Youn, he says it’s all about beauty that starts internally. 

“Holistic plastic surgery is the idea that in plastic surgery, you look at the body as a whole picture—and you want to start with the basics. And the basics aren’t Botox or facelift or breast implants. The basics are lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and reducing the environmental toxins that you’re exposed to,” he says. “I really look at surgery as a valid option, but an option we have to consider as that last resort.” With that in mind, here are Youn’s top three preventive skin care measures: