4 Ways to include a Mughal element into your royal-themed wedding decor

The big and opulent aspects of the Mughal era have always attracted us, and we just can’t get through that. Your average wedding will undoubtedly become spectacular with a touch of extravagance thanks to the magnificent and amazing Mughal theme décor, which will leave you in awe. A wedding should be grandiose, flamboyant, and lively because it is a lifetime experience event, and we just cannot agree to disagree. The addition of features from the royal Mughal era will give you the impression that you are getting married during the era of the royal kings through adornment, the use of jali work and mirrors, and lighting throughout the venue of your wedding.

Here we bring you 4 ways to include Mughal elements in your wedding décor.

4 Ways to include a Mughal element into your royal-themed wedding decor

1. Seating at the stage with a royal touch

The flower arrangements of vintage red roses and the brilliant lighting used at your wedding stage can set the mood and sumptuous atmosphere for the lovely wedding pair. You can even cover your backdrop with red-hued curtains to give your seats a Mughal atmosphere. It will exude an air of majesty. To this, you can even add high-back luxury king wedding throne seats to create a truly regal atmosphere.

2. Choose majestic décor for mandap

Do not however overlook the rich decorate your mandap area in the midst of the frenzy of adorning the entire venue like a king’s palace. The marriage mandap decor with a dome of draperies and multi-coloured roses is a terrific inspiration if you have a large outdoor space to host your wedding. Dulha and Dulhan can take a seat here and appear to be king and queen while performing all of their important ceremonies. To add an even more opulent touch, you might even cover the ceiling with hanging chandeliers.

3. Opt for a grand menu

Without lots of tasty food and happy guests, an Indian wedding is never truly complete. Don’t forget to serve drinks that complement the opulence of your royal-themed wedding if you want your wedding to look truly regal. A delicious mughal dish would serve as the icing on the cake if you intend to serve a non-vegetarian meal course. When planning a royal cuisine for the guests, it is imperative to choose tableware and glasses with a classic theme to create the impression of splendour.

4. Decorate with grand lightening

The setting can be made to appear as fascinating and alluring as possible by using fairy lights throughout. These sparkling decor accents are what give the wedding its starry beauty. Along with this, there are other components that can be employed to give the decorating more meaning, such as flowers, artworks, and vibrant accessories. Select various lighting options in various hues to give the wedding a sparkling vibe.

So, utilize these aforementioned mughal elements to create the wedding of your dreams as part of your own magical celebration.

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