5 Decor tips to make your nikah ceremony gracious and royal

Everyone deems the day when they can tie the knot of a lifetime with their one and only. When it comes to weddings, nikahs are considered elegant and royal because of their own unique traditions and customs. Nikah is the heart of the Muslim community as it is one of the most beautiful, elegant and meaningful things to them. With a rich wedding culture, stunning set-up, royal traditions and mouth-watering delicacies- in this ceremony, two souls vow and acknowledge each other for a lifetime and hereafter.  To reflect your wedding beliefs in your nikah décor and to bring out whole dreamy, gracious and royal vibes, it is extremely vital to pay heed to little detailing of your big day décor. Here we bring you 5 décor tips that will make your Nikah ceremony exquisite and beautiful.

Give space to unusual lightning

Golden lights have always gained centre stage when it comes to wedding lights. But you can raise the bar, go an extra mile and brings lavishing offbeat jewel-toned red blush lighting to accent grandeur. This type of lighting will accentuate the mood rightly.

Moroccan prints for the royalty

The Moroccan-style prints are the real show stoppers when it comes to the Nikah ceremony. Their big, bold and rich patterns rightly represent magnificent vibes and can easily bring a sophisticated touch to the decor. The vibrant combo of hues like orange and blue and beautiful patterns affix a royal Arabic touch, making the ambience all glam and affluent. Make sure to opt for lively and energetic colours to uplift and hint smooth yet subtle senses to the décor. Chandeliers or ceiling lamps can also be incorporated for a little touch of sparkle.

Moroccan prints for the royalty

The foliage-inspired ceiling

Ditch the old-school floral hangings or drapes and instead go for something offbeat to make your nikah venue attractive. To liven up the overall décor, paying a little attention to the ceiling will spice up everything. Greeny danglers, terrariums and foliage chandeliers are gaining the major attraction nowadays. And why not? These look absolutely stunning and also break the monotony of floras while giving pleasure to the eyes. To transform the feeling into something magical, you can also complement danglers with fairy lights or big bulbs.

All-white seating for purity and holiness

Because white symbolises purity, innocence, holiness and extravagance you can embrace all-white seating for the luxury and royal hints all throughout the place. Accompany it with golden hints or cushions for an enhanced look. All white couches with vibrant cushions and similar coloured drapes nearby the stage will look dead gorgeous. You can also opt for white table vases and flowers of the same colours to make a great tabletop.

All-white seating for purity and holiness

Intricately carved jaalis for a magnificent look

The golden intricate jaalis are making a huge comeback in the wedding decor and their delicate carvings and geometric designs look absolutely spectacular and lavishing. You can choose these jaalis as per the theme of your nikah ceremony. Silver and golden jaali patterns demonstrate orthodox and lavishing vibes while marble and wooden designs bring the oomph of contemporary touch.

These wonderful above-mentioned ideas will help you in planning a meaningful and elegant nikah ceremony.

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