5 Fabulous Hairstyle Trends That Will Be A Rage In 2022

New year, new me is the line that most of us go by. From making fitness resolutions to moving towards a new lifestyle, we often take the new year as a way to be a better being for the good but it isn’t complete without a quick refreshing makeover. What better way than a trending hairstyle to notch up your look? We might have come across some of the most exciting and interesting beauty trends but we are sure that these hairstyle trends will definitely be on your priority list. From the timeless bangs to classic bob cut style and more, we have got you the best hairstyle trends to lookout for in 2022.

Hairstyle Trends To Bookmark For 2022

Take cue from these predicted hairstyle trends for this year.

1. Bob Cut Is Here To Stay

Without a doubt, bob cut has been a great rage in the previous year and with celebrities and influencers acing the trend, we don’t think it will be going anywhere anytime soon. An elevated version can surely be seen with shorter styles and with variation in cuts and length. An enhanced texture will add some dramatic and stylish edge to it!

2. Natural Cult Curls

Cult curls have been in trend for a while now. With actresses like Taapsee Pannu, Sanya Malhotra and more flaunting their natural curly texture, this style has become a trend and in 2022 as well, it will remain to be on the beauty list of many.

3. Half Tie Up Hair

This style not only gives volume to your hair but also is a great way to accentuate your ensemble. Half up, half down hair is a great hack to volumize your hair and make it look glossy and luxe. You can simply adorn this style with casual wear as well.

4. Messy Layers

On days when we just want to keep it low-key, casual yet stylish, this hairstyle is perfect to serve our fashion needs. A shaggy layered style suits every outfit. Be it with a sleek corset style or with a casual street style look, this hairstyle trend will be a hit this year.

5. Timeless Bangs

Whether you are a fan of side bangs or love the classic curtain bangs, this good ol classic isn’t going anywhere. A variation in styles is expected and it is about time we take a cue from celebrities on how to ace this style in 2022.