A Beauty Editor’s Honest Review Of mindbodygreen’s Dry Body Oil

mindbodygreen’s dry body oil has become my ride-or-die moisturizer, one that I genuinely enjoy rubbing into my skin. First things first: This is a dry oil formula, meaning it absorbs into the skin at a quicker rate, whereas “wet” oils take their sweet time penetrating the dermis (think of a heavier massage oil). Now, there is no exact classification for what’s considered a “dry oil.” It’s really more of a general consensus among beauty experts who can assess whether or not an oil will soak in quickly—and let me just say, this oil absorbs in record time.  

We can thank sunflower and safflower seed oils for the fast-absorbing feel, as both are known for their light, non-greasy texture. Texture aside, they also provide some pretty impressive skin care benefits: Sunflower seed oil is high in vitamin E and linoleic acid, which helps keep skin looking vibrant and reduce signs of aging (sun spots, fine lines, and the like); the organic safflower seed oil contains precious fatty acids to improve barrier function and keep the skin supple.

Olive-derived squalane also tends to the skin barrier and makes your body feel just plain rich, while prickly pear seed oil and active vitamin E provide plenty of antioxidants and nutrients. In short: This body oil truly quenches thirsty skin without leaving behind a sticky residue.