A Diamond in the North brings LA fashion to the Northwoods // WJFW Newswatch 12

Photo by WJFW Newswatch 12

Story By Meghan Mamlock

Local News Published 06/17/2021 6:10PM, Last Updated 06/17/2021 6:15PM

Minocqua – A Diamond in the North Owner Maddie Smith is attracting new clientele to Minocqua with her trendy LA clothing vibe and her social media presence on TikTok.

Smith has been into fashion for a long time.

“In high school, I liked to wear like different boots and like different clothes and all that stuff. I had sparkly Uggs. I had like pink boots,” said Smith. “And then I ended up going to beauty school and so kind of like in the fashion industry a little bit.”

And since opening her new store in November, she’s tried to bring a different style of clothing to the Northwoods.

“So I decided that Minocqua needed something a little more spicy for clothing, because for younger people to shop or anything you have to go an hour and a half at least, ” said Smith.

In addition to her spicy style, Smith says she also wants to make it easier for taller and bigger built girls to find stylish clothes that fit.

“I really take the time and look at the vendors and like read on how the sizing fits and everything before I actually do order something. The majority of the clothes in here I can fit into a medium and usually I’m a large, extra large,” said Smith.

It can be hard to get the word out, especially during a pandemic. However, Maddie says all it takes is one person or social media post to attract customers.

“Social media helps a lot. I’m still not like professional at it by any means, but when one of my videos does kind of blow up a little bit it definitely creates foot traffic in the store and on the website,” said Smith.

Smith hopes she can expand her business to other cities in the future.

For more information on A Diamond in the North you can check out their social media page, website or visit their store in person.