Brad Pitt is breaking into beauty with genderless skin care line

Brad Pitt is breaking into the world of beauty.

The collection, called Le Domaine Skincare, includes an exciting lineup of products that are all vegan, gender-neutral and designed to slow down signs of aging.

“Derived of Science and Terroir to be one with both Nature and your own nature. This is harmony. This is respect. This is Le Domaine,” the company captioned a photo debuting the new products.

Le Domaine Skincare features four key products: a serum, a cream, a fluid cream and a cleaning emulsion — all housed in sustainable packaging through the use of recyclable glass bottles and jars, and reusable stoppers made of oak cut from the scraps of the vineyard’s wine barrels.

“It is about imitating nature’s organic cycles, its original beauty,” Pitt said in a statement on the new launch. “In nature, there is no concept of waste. Every discarded thing becomes nourishment for another. This is circularity for Le Domaine Skincare.”

Prices for the brand’s products range from $80 – $385 and are infused with two active ingredients GSM10 and ProGR3, which both have been submitted for patents. The ingredients were created in close collaboration with Pierre-Louis Teissedre, a professor of oenology at the University of Bordeaux, and Nicolas Lévy, a clinician and professor of human and medical genetics.

GSM10 is an active compound with maximized antioxidative powers while ProGR3 is a cosmetic active compound with the capabilities to slow down the effects of human and skin aging, according to the brand’s website.

“From the regenerative viticulture on our untouched land at Château de Beaucastel came the idea of getting closer to scientists to find out what we could do with all the organic matter that we were no longer using, once the grapes had been pressed,” the Perrin family said in a statement. “The idea grew thanks to some unlikely encounters and the realization that our project could go much further thanks to synergies never before explored in the world of beauty.”

Pitt opened up to Vogue about how his new skincare brand came to be, sharing that it wasn’t always on his agenda. “I get sent stuff all the time and… ugh. It’s just all the same for me,” he said. “But this last year we have been testing Le Domaine and I was really surprised by the results, and that for me, made it worth going forward.”

He later credited his makeup artist friend for his go-to skincare routine. “I’ve been whipped into shape by my dear make-up artist friend — we started together 30 years ago — Jean Black,” he said. “She is pretty special. So whenever we’re on a film she keeps me healthy, and then she’s like, ‘try this,’ and, ‘try that.’ “