Decor mistakes you want to avoid while planning your haldi and sangeet ceremonies

There are countless options for wedding decorations when it comes to your haldi and sangeet ceremonies. You may find endless suggestions on the internet to draw inspiration from, whether you’re searching for methods to spruce up your entry pathways, haldi stage or bar area. You can actually play with a huge variety of decor components. But the most attractive decor items, might fall flat if they are not carefully thought out or prepared. Therefore, we decided to revamp your guide to planning these ceremonies by revealing the most typical decor errors that many couples commit.

Decor mistakes you want to avoid while planning your haldi and sangeet ceremonies

Leaving out personal touches when decorating

Many of those glamorous and seductive decor components can make your wedding charming and immediately elicit awe from your visitors. However, given that it is your special day, ensure that your wedding also captures who you both are as a pair. Include individualised elements in your haldi decor, such as an arrangement with your love story written all over it or a cute photo gallery with your childhood snapshots in a quaint nook, to leave a lasting memory on your guests.

Underestimating the importance of the lighting

Your sangeet decor can be made a hit or a miss by the lighting. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand where and how to use different types of lighting. Ask your decorator to utilise different types of illumination in various parts of the venue, such as chandeliers, halogen lights, candles, bulbs, fairy lights, and diyas.

Woman at her sangeet ceremony

DIYing everything

No matter how inventive you are or how simple it is for you to DIY, insisting on DIYing everything is the last thing you should do. While you could always DIY your milni or home roka ceremony, it would be too much work to DIY your sangeet and haldi. You don’t want to enter looking like an exhausted bride.

There will be a tonne of other crucial things to keep you busy if you’re the one getting married. So, hiring someone is always the best option.

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