Don’t Waste Your Money: Back to School Shopping

Back-to-school shopping is looking different this year because of the move back to in-person learning, and once again, frustrating product shortages.

Some back-to-school items are hard to find. Tierra Smith was taking her children into Walmart for back-to-school supplies. “You looking forward to having them in school?” I asked. “Yes I am, I actually am,” Smith said.

Mom Samantha Allen was also glad to see some normalcy after a long pandemic winter. “I am excited for them. We get to start new schools this year, so we are excited,” Allen said.

But things are a little different this year. Walmart and many stores are coping with supply shortages, that on this day meant a lack of character backpacks. But Walmart’s Randi Wood says they are trying to stock the shelves and keep prices low. “You see all the red tags, that’s all our rollbacks,” Wood said.

Store managers tell us the biggest change they are seeing this year is the resurgence of clothing sales. Last year, many kids spent their days in their pj’s for their online learning. “Kids are coming back into school now, last year they were remote learning, learning from home. So we have a big push on apparel, so those kids are ready to go back to school,” Wood said.

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She also says girls should be thrilled to find Justice clothing in Walmart now because Justice stores have closed in malls. Matt Goans says they are expecting a big rebound in sales this year. “Last year was very slow because most schools were remote, so sales were very soft. This year we are preparing for a bigger back-to-school because we are post-COVID.

One thing you may not see as much this year, 10 cent crayons and spiral notebooks, with supplies being so tight. As always, don’t waste your money.