Fall Haircut Trends 2022 | Mane Addicts

The first yellow leaves may have just hit the ground, but we’re already in our fall feels. The shift to a new season has us ready for cozy nights, crisp days, sweater weather, and a fresh take on our hair. Fall haircut trends for 2022 are focused on texture, layers, and an edge. Ramòn Garcia, a celebrity hairstylist and ambassador for Authentic Beauty Concept, says that with the right cut, even the slightest breeze “can be your own wind machine.” Here are all the need-to-know 2022 fall haircut trends, whether your hair is pixie short or falls past your waist.

Piecey Layers

Define short hair by busting out the scissors and bringing on the layers. Theadora Guzman, stylist and Maria Nila’s Education Manager for North America notes, “I’m loving short textured cuts for the fall. Short hair that is piecey and playful gives a fresh feel to textures we wear in the autumn months.” To achieve this, she recommends Maria Nila Mineral Waxes “to show off the haircut and give a piecey texture to short hair” and will give you “thickness and soft hold” without adding greasiness to the hair. “The Clay is perfect for someone who has really fine hair and needs extra fullness and hold with a matte finish, while Gabbro is perfect if you need some extra hold that is soft and movable,” Guzman continues.

Chin-Length Bob

Call it a sweet spot, but the chin-length bob somehow manages to be gorgeous on everyone. “Straight, wavy, or natural, each variation adds to its versatility,” says Garcia of this sweet chin-length style.

Mullet 2.0

According to Franck Izquierdo, co-founder of IGK Hair Care, it’s all about an updated mullet. “For the risk-it-all kinda girl, try the wolf cut—the revisited mullet from the ’90s or mullet 2.0.” These shaggy cuts are edgy and surprisingly flattering, plus they might be just what you need to switch it up.

Micro Bob

The early aughts are back, and fall has us creating an Amélie vision board. Izquierdo advocates for the micro bob, which he notes “is a very short bob that’s low maintenance. Think simple, yet sophisticated.”

Medium-Length Fall Haircut Trends

The New Rachel

The headliner for fall haircuts has to be…wait for it…The Rachel. Yes, Jennifer Aniston’s beloved late ’90s layered cut is back in a big way, but slightly more sophisticated for now with blended layers and subtle variations on length. “This shoulder-length cut features long layers and built-in volume,” says Garcia, who adds that it’s “great for those who want movement and volume.” Yes, and yes.

Shaggy Layers

Edgy, shaggy, butterfly—whatever you want to call it, fall is all about “heavily-layered cuts,” explain Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri, best friends, hairstylists, and founders of IN COMMON Beauty. “We are loving edgy looks with pops of color as seen on Paris Jackson,” they note.

Full Fluffy Layers

“Big glamorous hair with fringy layers that frame the face is so beautiful,” says Guzman. To achieve mega fullness she uses Maria Nila Volume Mousse followed by Maria Nila Quick Dry Heat Spray, applied generously all over and then blows out using a round brush with a touch of Maria Nila Volume Spray at the roots through the mid-lengths.

Long Haircut Trends

Business Hair

A long cut that’s well-maintained is powerful. As Izquierdo explains, “Fall means ‘back to work,’ so clients are looking for expensive, healthy-looking hair, like a ’90s blowout or layers that give strength and power. This is perfect after the summer, which can sometimes damage your hair.” In other words, get a trim and mask frequently. We love everything K18 and Crown Affair Renewal Mask to revive parched strands.

Ghost Layers

Long, invisible layers, otherwise known as “ghost layers” are definitely having a moment. “I personally love long hair, but with long hair, movement is key,” says Garcia. Think of this as deeper than layers but “something that moves from the shortest piece to the longest,” he adds.

Long, Wavy Layers

Fall is all about texture. “For long hair, I’m really into long layers styled in low-maintenance waves,” says Guzman. “To get effortless looking waves, use Maria Nila Ocean Spray and Cream Heat Spray on wet hair and rough dry the hair. Use a curling iron to create desired waves or touch up natural curls. Finish with Maria Nila True Soft Argan Oil by emulsifying in hands and gently combing through waves with hands to give more of the effortless look.”

Now that you’ve decided on a cut, you need a color to go with it. HERE are all the top fall hair color trends for 2022!