Fashion Trends That Are Making A Comeback This Winter

In fashion, trends come and go like a boomerang, with decades-old trends disappearing and reappearing 20 or more years later. Fashion designers look into the fashion archive for inspiration for new garments but reinvent them. In the early 2020s, many fashion trends will reappear, but let’s look at what we can expect to see this winter.

Platform Shoes

A major fashion trend making a comeback right now is platform shoes, which range from chunky trainers to boots and heels. As footwear reached new heights on this year’s fashion week runways, celebrities like Florence Pugh, Beyoncé and Olivia Rodrigo embraced thick platform heels in their looks. To incorporate this trend into your outfit, you don’t have to wear towering heels. If you want a more casual look, you can pair your outfit with chunky sandals or trainers or for colder days and nights, try a pair of platform boots paired with jeans and a cosy jumper.

Purple Hues

Purple clothing and accessories are also enjoying a significant moment in the fashion world this Fall, perhaps even replacing Barbie pink as one of the trends. At the New York Fashion Week earlier this year, the colour appeared in various shades from pale to dark, blue-tinted and almost pink. The versatility of purple makes it the perfect colour for every season. Celebrities are also catching wind of this trend, with Florence Pugh wearing a matching purple shirt and shorts set during press for her new film Don’t Worry Darling and Sandra Oh donning a sequin jumpsuit at the 2022 Emmy Awards.

Regency Core

This trend’s styles are hyper-feminine, including empire-waist dresses, pearls, floral prints, long gloves, and other regal looks, which were popular during the Regency period. Regency core is still a thing in 2022, and prim flowers, frills, and corsets are everywhere. It may seem that this style belongs to balls and galas. However, you can easily incorporate it into an everyday look simply by wearing a frilly, floral dress with flats and a denim jacket or pairing a ruffle sleeve blouse tucked into a pair of your favourite jeans.

Baguette Bag

A baguette is a small, compact handbag designed by Italian fashion designer Silvia Venturini Fendi in 1997. With the help of the TV series Sex and the City, the bag became known as the first bag in the early 2000s. Since then, we have seen many different styles of bags come and go, but the baguette bag is making a comeback in 2022. With a strap that can be worn over one shoulder or as a top handle, the baguette is the perfect wear-everywhere bag. The strap is also removable, so you can change the look and use the back as a clutch purse.

Maximalist Prints

We have all heard of the saying “less is more,” but with this style, it’s the complete opposite. A maximalist fashion style is about breaking classic style rules with bold, unique looks. When putting together a maximalist outfit, you should use different materials, colours, and prints wherever possible. Incorporating maximalism into your daily life does not just mean throwing the most extreme outfits together – it’s all about using accessories, playing with textures, layering garments and incorporating more colours. This style has recently gained popularity thanks to viral videos on TikTok with people showcasing their inner fashionista.

Luxe Leather

Luxe leather is an abbreviation of luxury leather and is usually soft, durable, and full-grain. The quality of luxe leather is high and can appear in various styles and ways. There is the obvious choice of jacket, but Luxe goes far beyond that, and you will find shoes, skirts, pants, and so much more designed with this material. Depending on your chosen fashion piece, you can pair it with almost anything and find it in various colours like black, brown and even red.

Faux Fur

The faux fur industry is the process of making materials that imitate the fur of real animals. The style is most prevalent during the cooler months, so Fall is the perfect time to pick up a jacket that will make you feel like a bear is hugging you. Faux Fur jackets can be paired with a cocktail dress and high heels, or dress it down with a simple tee and a pair of skinny jeans and flats. A lighter semi-transparent fabric like tulle or organza can be a stunning match for accessories like bags. Your faux fur bag will add a chic contrast to your midi dress.

Heavy Weight Leather Jackets

A jacket is an essential piece to add to your wardrobe, especially during the cold months. Leather jackets are making a massive comeback in Fall 2022, though they don’t seem to have ever competently disappeared. A leather jacket is a chic material that offers a stylish look that pairs well with almost everything. This fashion statement is minimal but can match anything. For a girl’s night out, pair them with a bright dress topped with a leather jacket for a relaxed vibe or a shirt, jeans, and biker boots for a cinema trip.


A good pair of boots has never really left the fashion scene, but in fall 2022, staple boots are a must. From cowboy boots to knee-high boots, this fashion statement can be worn all year round, including in summer, with little ankle boots paired with a dress. A primary reason so many people choose boots is because of the comfort they offer. Comfort is increased even if you have over-the-knee high heels due to the support provided by the boot’s collar. Boots are another fashion trend that goes with everything, no matter the style.


As you can see, fashion never really goes out of style; certain things take a back seat for a while before being appreciated once again. No matter what you enjoy doing in your free time, whether it’s hanging with friends, going to the movies or even dressing up with friends for an exciting Megaways games online night, make sure you wear an essential piece from this season’s fashions.