Go Ahead, Get High on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is already going to include a toast, so why not also include a toke? According to a recent survey from The Knot, 93% of people serve alcohol at their wedding, with the average couple spending $2,300 to stock the bar with beer, wine, and liquor. If all of those people are going to hit the sauce on the day of holy matrimony, why shouldn’t you go ahead and hit the pen?

Maybe you’re worried about what others will think. Maybe your parents are old fuddy-duddies who think “Mary Jane” is ruining today’s youths, and that your marriage will be doomed from the start if you eat your wedding cake with a slight high instead of a slight buzz. Just remind them we’ve known for years that cannabis is no more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. Plus, weed is legal in 37 states—it’s not going away anytime soon.

Maybe you’re unsure if getting high at your own wedding would be an enjoyable experience. That’s understandable. If you get paranoid when you smoke, or if it affects your memory, you certainly have to factor that into the equation. But according to some Reddit users, it’s possible for weed to enhance your wedding day experience. Take it from u/jasmine-the-flower:

“I had been struggling with depression and anxiety for months before our wedding day, so this was a welcome change.”

They’re not alone; u/tbone-not-tbag vouched for the practice as well.

“I had 4 hours to myself before the big moment, so I went down to the lake, smoked a couple of bowls, went swimming, found some inner peace. It was beautiful!”

Maybe you’re coming around to the idea of getting high at your own wedding, but are put off by dealing with the logistical headaches. Lucky for you, there are event-planning companies who specialize in cannabis-friendly weddings. Irie Weddings and Events will set up a custom cannabis bar complete with a bartender to take care of you and your guests. Le Festin Events services include not only offering substantial alternatives to guests who do not wish to partake, but making sure your party is abiding by the law. No need to stress about the cops busting down your door and ruining your good time!

You, ideally, only get married once. For that reason, you should cater the day to be exactly how you want it. It’s your wedding. If you’d prefer a puff over a swig, don’t let anybody stop you. Just maybe wait until after the ceremony—so you don’t get caught spacing out when you’re supposed to be saying “I do.”