Hairstyle trends hit among Gen Z and millennials

With the world getting so much closer because of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms we have young individuals influencing our lives with their fashion trends. Everyone wants what’s trending’. These trends are now being set not just by huge brands or designers, but by social media influencers. So, the hairdressing industry has been influenced by these young influencers. Here are some hair trends which are a hit among Gen Z and millennials.

Right now, we are looking at ‘the flob’ which is a flat sleek bob cut between the cheek to below the chin and this can be with or without a fringe. The Lob (long bob) and the graduated bob or A line bobs (shorter behind longer to the front) have had their time in the limelight, but it’s the time of the flob!

A modern version of the classic shag haircut is trending for those who enjoy terture and movement. This haircut can be worn grungy by scrunching a curl cream into the hair or glamorous by blow drying or flat ironing out the cut. It all depends on your mood and how you decide to wear it. The ‘shag’ is a heavily layered haircut to create a lot of volume and texture. It has shorter bits to the front to give you that change you need from grown out lockdown hair.

Glamour won’t be complete without the gentlest curtain bangs. For those who are enjoying their long grown out lockdown hair but still want a change maintain your length and just get cool curtain bangs. A small section around the face is cut to frame your face. It’s layered to facilitate movement and gives you the perfect fresh new look without comprising on the overall length.

For those who are adventurous unicorn hair is the way to go. Whether it’s fuchsia pink or the palest lilac, you have a spectrum of colours to choose from to add some punch to boring hair. Also with so many working from home here’s your chance to try something bold without the fear of not looking professional.

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One thing that will never go out of fashion is- healthy hair! Make sure to use a good shampoo and conditioner along with a serum. When opting for colour ask your stylist to use plex in your colour. This will protect and strengthen your hair while colouring it.

Most importantly make sure you choose a stylist who will understand you and your personality. Spend time consulting with the professional about what will suit your face, skin, eyes and personality.

With inputs from Elton Steve Vessoaker, brand director of Jean Claude Olivier India.