Hand and body moisturizers with restoring ceramide lotion are fast-absorbing and provide up to 48-hour moisture.


According to the company, the new Dove Body Love Collection was “carefully developed” to ensure your daily body care routine is a rewarding act of self-care combining Dove’s most indulgent textures and delightful fragrances with its unique Restoring Ceramide Serum.   


Dove’s Restoring Ceramide Serum works with your skin to help produce its own ceramides, strengthening skin from within, replenishing moisture and protecting skin against dryness. The dermatologist-approved collection offers 24-48 hours of deep moisturization and longer lasting nourishment for healthier looking skin.

Here’s a look at what’s in the new collection:


Everyday Care Cream Oil Body Lotion ($6.49) provides 24-hour moisture with restoring ceramide lotion and hydrates and absorbs quickly for soft and instantly refreshed skin;


Intense Care Cream Oil Body Lotion and Intense Care Hand Cream ($6.49) provides long-lasting care for soft, smooth and radiant skin. Great for rough, dry skin;


Glowing Care Cream Oil Body Lotion ($6.49) Blended with mango and almond butters, the nourishing formula for soft and glowing skin provides 24-hour moisture;


Sensitive Care Body Lotion and Sensitive Care Hand Cream ($6.49) provides soothing care for comforted and soft skin and 48-hour moisture with restoring ceramide lotion;


Restoring Care Cream Oil Body Lotion visibly ($6.49) improves dry skin and prevents re-occurrence of dryness while providing 48-hour moisture with restoring ceramide lotion; 


Pampering Care Cream Oil Body Lotion ($6.49) Enriched with shea butter, the fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula provides 24-hour moisture.