How to Create a Body Care Routine

Developing a skincare routine can take time and patience to truly understand your skin’s needs. However, many of us now understand the skincare routines. This can include core products like cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreen.

However, the body hasn’t gotten enough TLC as the face. More skincare consumers are becoming conscious of good-for-you ingredients in their body items. As a result, body care is rising, and building a body care routine isn’t as intimidating as it seems.

Body Care Staples
Skincare has its core products that everyone needs regardless of skin type. Body care also includes staple items that make up most of your routine. In addition, these are the items you’ll want to invest in the most.

Body Wash
Body wash can often feel like stripping or leaving your skin feeling tight. You’ll want to avoid harsh sensitizing ingredients that can dry out this skin, especially if you are sensitive. Fragrances can also potentially trigger flare-ups.

Some face cleansers may also double as a body wash. Again, looking for ingredients that match your skin type is crucial. For example, you may benefit from Niacinamide if you are particularly oily.

Or you can opt for ingredients for all skin types, like Ceramides.

Body Serum

Body serums are relatively new to body care routines. These serums are similar to face serums and contain active ingredients, which may have a higher concentration if they are formulated for the body.

Body serums are great for those struggling with body acne, flaking skin, or problematic skin. They can contain chemical exfoliants like BHAs, AHAs, or PHAs. These products are usually applied after a shower and before moisturizer.


Finally, you’ll need a high-quality moisturizer. You can pick your moisturizer based on skin type or seasonal changes. For example, lightweight lotions can suit oilier complexions and are more suitable for the summertime.

Likewise, thick creams are suitable for dry/mature skin or the wintertime.

You can incorporate additional products into your body care routine. These steps are optional because they won’t make up the core of your body care routine. Instead, they are more supplemental products.

You can add additional steps to your routine: dry brushing, exfoliating products, and even body oil.

Dry Brush

Dry brushing is a form of exfoliation that is performed before you step into the shower. So, this would be the first step in your body care routine for those that add it to your regimen.

Dry brushing includes creating a massage with a dry bristle brush in circular or sweeping motions to the heart. This can eliminate dead skin and potentially improve circulation.

Body Oil

Body oil can add a sensual element to any body care routine. You can use body oil alone or on top of your moisturizer to lock in hydration. In addition, body oils can create a glass-skin effect and ensure the skin is extra soft.

However, they may need more time to absorb into the skin than a regular moisturizer fully.

Consult A Dermatologist
Finally, it’s wise always to consult a dermatologist. This can be especially helpful for those struggling with chronic skin conditions or who need prescribed skincare products.

Dermatologists can help refine and tailor your body care routine to fit your needs.