How To Create Healthy Skin Care Habits, From A Psychologist

When you craft your optimal skin care routine—you know, face wash, treatment, moisturizer, oil, eye cream, the works—the obvious experts to turn to are dermatologists and estheticians. (They have the skin health know-how and training after all.) Or perhaps you’ll turn to your favorite beauty influencer, writer, or editor. No, we haven’t gone through the medical schooling, but the good ones do have plenty of experience and the resources to find the answers to the questions they don’t yet know. 

One of the more unexpected places to turn to for advice? Behavioral psychologists, like Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy, who specializes in helping executives, perfectionists, and type-A individuals. While her advice isn’t ingredient- or product-specific—nor does she claim it to be—she is an expert at helping people form healthy, optimal habits. And one underrated aspect of taking care of your skin is developing and keeping your practices. 

In a recent episode of Clean Beauty School, Neo and I spoke about how hard it can be to create a routine that works for you—especially when you have high standards and lofty goals for your skin care regimen. Well, in the episode, she had great advice about editing a program that will help you target specific concerns, be gentle to your precious skin, and will keep you from going overboard on products that don’t serve you.