Interracial couple blasted for ‘offensive’ dog leash wedding bit

This may be ruff to watch.

An interracial bride and groom are in the digital doghouse as a controversial clip from their wedding shows the seemingly white wife escorting her new husband, an apparent black man, into their reception on a dog leash. 

“The Alexander Wedding” reads the caption of the viral video, which has garnered over 254,000 TikTok views. The snippet, shared by @Tenneggee, is also punctuated with the hashtag #walkthedog.

The TikToker told The Post that the couple, Trizzy Tra and Markenzie Alexander, hosted their wild wedding in Gallatin, Tennessee, on April 2.

Per the footage, the newlyweds make their grand entrance into a small celebration hall to funk icon George Clinton’s 1982 party track “Atomic Dog.”

An interracial couple sparks social media controversy with a questionable wedding reception entrance dance.
An interracial couple sparked social media controversy with a questionable wedding reception entrance dance.

And as they saunter into the center of the cheering crowd, the harnessed groom gets down on all fours and begins crawling like a canine. 

He goes on to sit back on his haunches and stick out his tongue, mimicking a panting dog in heat. Then, reassuming a pup’s position on his hand and knees, the man plants his face into his blushing bride’s pelvic region and mimes urinating on her leg.

And online audiences are growling with fury over the pair’s puzzling production.   

TikTok users blast the bride and groom for mimicking slavery-like behavior.
TikTok users blasted the bride and groom for mimicking slavery-like behavior.

“SMDH … set us back 100 years,” barked one commenter, comparing the couple’s questionable stunt to the unsettling image of white plantation owners dragging chained African Americans around by iron leashes during slavery. “I find this very offensive, in every way,” howled another. 

“Not one person there had nothing to say about this bs?,” exclaimed another cross critic. “Everyone just happy and clapping along … Ain’t no way!!”

One person likened it to Jordan Peele’s award-winning film “Get Out,” which is centered around an interracial relationship that takes a horrifying turn.

“This giving me the movie GET OUT vibes smh,” the commenter wrote.

Others shamed the sweethearts for performing their cringeworthy choreography in the presence of little kids.

“There’s children there smh. I’m mad at everyone,” wrote an outraged reviewer, emphasizing her disdain with several fiery-red furious emojis. “This would have been the PERFECT time to say, ‘no children at the reception,’” another agreed. 

The dominating digital disapproval notwithstanding, a small faction of onlookers seemed to defend the spouses and their now-infamous display. 

“Not yall offended about what this couple wanted to do for THEIR wedding,” rebuked a cyber supporter. “I’m sure it was his idea just as much it was hers.”

So far, neither the bride nor groom has openly commented on their big-day chaos.