Justin Bieber Is On Board With This Summer’s Kitschy Jewelry Trend

Personally, I never got to go to summer camp, but it all seemed so fun. You get to hang with kids your own age, swim, cook hot dogs, and make a slew of arts and crafts. There’s something charming and kitschy about the summer camp jewelry in particular. It’s handmade, totally joyful and colorful, and full of memories. Lucky for me, I can now steal the look: whimsical baubles with a DIY feel are actually a huge jewelry trend this season. The movement towards delightfully-gaudy jewels is celebrity-approved, too, thanks to Justin Bieber. 

In his latest Instagram fit pic, Bieber gave his Saint Laurent suit a colorful touch with the help of a charm-filled necklace. The sterling silver chain by Omnis Studios is embellished with a rainbow assortment of gummy bear and mushroom charms (it’s also relatively affordable, retailing for $185 to $195, depending on the desired length). His necklace is the kind you’d make with friends on a hot summer day at camp during craft hour, and it’s also the perfectly-unexpected piece to pair with his all-black tailoring. It adds a dose of personality, and breaks up the seriousness of his suit. This is a man who wears Crocs and Drew House hoodies on his days off, after all: he would never be caught dead in just a boring suit! So, do like Bieber and consider a neck full of trinkets the next time your outfit is feeling too simple. It’s hard to feel blah when you’re channeling your childhood.