Keratin Complex Recaps 2022’s Hottest Hairstyles And Colors Primed For Growth In The New Year

The year 2022 had its share of throwback-edgy looks in the hair category.  

From the 1970s shag to the Curly Fringe (think J Lo in her 2002 music video for her hit song, “I’m Glad” channeling Flashdance) to fall’s most sought-after hue, fiery copper, popularized by Euphoria’s lead actress Sydney Sweeney, among others. But of the year’s most ambitious looks— all of which could be rocked using Keratin Complex’s range of high-quality keratin styling products— the pixie cut was 2022’s standout look, according to Paul Dobbert, director of education at the brand. And envelop-pusher Kristen Stewart, he said, wore it best.  

“I’m a sucker for edgy short cuts, and Kristen Stewart jumped at me with that blonde, textured, pixie cut she wore, because of how hair told a story for her,” explained Dobbert in a recent phone interview with Happi. 

“Consumers are looking for hair to tell a story and what their hair can be for them. The pixie cut was different-looking and jumped out of nowhere. When you think of trends, for me, it’s not what everyone’s doing. That gets whitewashed, because it becomes everywhere. Trends, for me, are what jumps out of nowhere and grabs your attention and gives you a path to start looking at your own hair and show off what you’ve got.” 


Kertain Complex’s Hydrolized Sheep’s Wool 

To accentuate one’s natural look while adding a hint of inspiration from current hair trends, Keratin Complex’s products, made from hydrolized sheep’s wool, can help maintain that desired hairstyle, both from a styling standpoint and to preserve the color.  

Expensive Blonde can be preserved using Blondeshell Debrass Masque.

The signature sheep’s wool blend in the Keratin Complex products are bioidentical to the natural keratin in human hair and creates a natural bond for long-lasting smoothing results, said Dobbert, and closes the cuticle to provide shine and a silkier appearance, according to the company. 


Just as a new car’s paint can fade when left out too long in the elements, the same environmental stressors can impact hair in a similar fashion, stripping keratin from follicles. Keratin Complex products work by preserving and protecting hair’s natural keratin, a fibrous protein also found in skin and nails. Because keratin is indicative of health, Dobbert uses that very word to describe the Keratin Complex products in a nut shell.   


“A happy head of hair is a happy body,” insists Dobbert. “The first thing we do when we put ourselves together, our hair is what we’re starting with. If it’s looking good and healthy, we’re going to have a better day.” 

Color Care with Keratin Complex

Keratin Complex’s Blondeshell Debrass Masque, a lavender pigmented hydrating masque eliminates unwanted brassiness while the signature keratin blend replenishes essential proteins within the hair to build back resilience and elasticity.  The masque can be used bimonthly, Dobbert says.  

“Keratin in our hair is not replenished as the hair grows out,” explained Dobbert. “Ninety-five percent comes right out of the scalp with environmental factors like heat, hard water, minerals, sun and weather all having a tax on our hair on regular basis. Adding in a regimen of keratin products into your everyday styling and washing gives it its life back, reenergizes and allows hair to be stronger and healthier on the outside.