Kim Kardashian Has Cooked Up Another Wild New Fashion Trend, But It’s A Hard No For Me

Without question, Kim Kardashian has been making some rather bold (and slightly freaky) fashion choices of late. She was never exactly boring with choices like her revealing/gravity-defying dress and the head-to-toe leather bodysuits and fetish masks, and now she has cooked up another wild new trend via her SKIMS brand, but it’s going to be a hard no for me: swim gloves.

Yes, these are called “swim gloves.” The Hulu star is selling these nylon/spandex gloves one can (theoretically) wear at the beach in seven different colors for $48 bucks a pop on SKIMS (opens in new tab). Check out the taffy pink ones below, which are eerily reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s jaw-dropping SNL monologue outfit: