Lori Harvey’s New Skin-Care Line, SKN by LH, Is Inspired by Her Own Journey

Lori Harvey  believes the road to healthy skin shouldn’t be a complex process. She’s personally experienced the issues that arise from an ineffective routine: “I have rosacea and would struggle to find the right products to use,” Harvey tells Vogue. “Then I got into modeling, and between shoots and backstage at runway shows you have so much makeup being put on your face. My skin was constantly going through it. So after using, like, 20 different products on my face at one time, I felt like there had to be a simpler way for me to get my skin looking the way I wanted it to.” 

After years of experimenting with different products in the hopes of clearing up blemishes without unnecessary irritation, the budding entrepreneur launched her debut skin-care line, SKN by LH. Her own journey is what drew her into “creating a line not only for myself but for people who struggle with the same issues as I do.”

Each product in the five-step system was developed with soothing ingredients to gently promote cell turnover and hydrate the skin without stripping it of essential oils. “The three main ingredients that I have in the majority of my products are vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide, because they have amazing benefits,” Harvey explains. “They help with hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and firming—and just work really well together.” 

Because skin sensitivities were the focal point of formulating these products, Harvey was strict about keeping the collection free of synthetic dyes and fragrance. “I’m someone who has extremely sensitive skin, so I wanted to create an easy, step-by-step routine for all skin types, but one that definitely catered to people with sensitive skin who want to achieve a radiant complexion but don’t know what to use to get it.”

The first step is the Goji Berry Cleanser, a rich blend of oils and antioxidant-rich fruits that washes away makeup and built-up grime without drying out the skin. Next is the clarifying White Tea Toner, followed by the gentle, brightening Vitamin C Serum. And because the importance of a good eye cream is undisputed, the fourth step is the Peptide Eye Complex, which is infused with peptides to minimize fine lines and combat inflammation. Lastly, there is the Niacinamide Cream, an ultra-soothing face lotion to seal in moisture and leave your skin glowing.  

“It’s definitely going to give more of a hydrated feel, definitely more glowy, but it won’t be super dewy to the point of oily,” says Harvey. “Just super hydrated, super moisturized, and radiant.”

While the core collection can be used both morning and evening, Harvey shares that she and her team are currently in the process of developing products exclusively for nighttime. She also has plans to extend SKN into body care. She wouldn’t divulge further details, but judging by her enthusiasm and personal investment in the project, its expansion will inevitably involve more ultrasleek packaging containing science-backed ingredients.