Maluma: Eccentric fashion is in my DNA | Entertainment

Maluma says his eccentric fashion taste is in his “DNA”.

The 27-year-old singer is known for his bold style choices and has always wanted to stand out from the crowd from a young age.

He told People: “There’s something about it that I love. It’s part of my world. It’s part of my DNA. I’ve been like this since I was a little kid. I remember my mom telling me what to wear. And I was like, ‘No, I want that. I want this outfit or this other one.’

“I have fun with [my look] so it’s not forced. It’s something that for me is organic and natural and I just leave it like that.”

The Latin megastar has just designed an eyewear collection with Quay and drew inspiration from his latest album, ‘Papi Juancho’.

He said: “Quay really knew my essence and how important fashion is to me — so the process was seamless and more about making colour and eyewear structure a highlight. The entire collection was based only on moods and how eyewear can uplift them. I am excited because I haven’t really focused on accessories and I truly want people to take risks with the parts that make fashion more exciting, which to me are accessories.”

The Quay x Maluma So Much Sol line includes colourful cobalt blue lenses, rainbow frames and various shapes.

Maluma shot the campaign on location in Miami so it would mirror the Miami Vice aesthetic of his fifth studio album art.

He added: “I wanted to show all the creativity that was involved with producing ‘Papi Juancho’. That’s why we wanted to make the [Maluma x Quay campaign] match.”

Jodi Bricker, Quay chief executive officer, commented: “The Quay x Maluma partnership has been in the making for quite some time as Maluma has been spotted wearing Quay’s for years and that authenticity is one of the biggest things we look for in a collaborator.”