Man sparks controversy with reaction to his girlfriend’s jewelry purchase: ‘Insecure and controlling’

A woman can’t believe her boyfriend’s reaction to her fashion jewelry.

She asked for advice on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. She always wears sparkly jewelry and wanted to buy herself some fake diamond rings. But when her boyfriend saw them, he told her they were tacky and that she was pretending to be engaged. 

“My boyfriend and I are nowhere near marriage, but we have been together for just under two years,” she explained. “For years I’ve wanted to get some stackable diamond bands that are a little on the nicer side (although still fake). I found this local seller and purchased some. Most of them are just plain diamond bands, but a few look like real engagement rings. They were beautiful, and I really liked how they looked, so I bought them for myself. I just wore them on my right hand and in different spots specifically for that purpose.” 

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But when her boyfriend saw the rings, he didn’t approve of them at all. 

“Here’s where I’m conflicted,” she said. “My boyfriend says that it’s tacky that I’m essentially ‘buying myself an engagement ring to play pretend.’ I told him to kick rocks and that I bought them purely for aesthetic and fashion purposes and I wasn’t trying to ‘play pretend.’ I told him that it was my money and I could do as I pleased because I don’t have to wait on a guy to buy me jewelry, or anything else for that matter.”

Reddit users felt the boyfriend’s behavior was a huge red flag.

“He sounds insecure and controlling,” someone commented.

“Your boyfriend is insecure,” another said

“Wear whatever you want,” a user wrote

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