Mind-Body Care Solutions For Life In The Pandemic

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There has been perhaps no more critical time- and by extension prosperous time- than the present moment for today’s healthcare economy. Beyond just the direct impact of Covid-19, there has been massive spillover into the secondary and tertiary health and wellness markets.

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           In particular, stress, anxiety, and crisis management have all become major categories that have required innovative, trustworthy and reliable businesses to step up and provide skillful healing solutions.

            A prominent example of such an innovative company to provide these important areas of fulfillment is Palm Spring based We Care Spa. Led by CEO Susan Lombardi, We Care Spa has taken a well rounded, 360-degree mind-body reset and balance approach to help its patients respond healthily to turbulent conditions in the pandemic.

According to Lombardi: “It’s not only everyone’s physical wellbeing that needs to be prioritized, but their mental health and spirit. We’ve always practiced that balance here. The reset your body gets while fasting extends to your mind; you can’t help but reflect and process all the stress and tension in your life. Providing that safe, peaceful setting for rejuvenation and healing is our hallmark.  When the calls started coming in, we just had to find room for everyone! We’re making leaps and bounds to expand and offer more availability, which is why we’re opening a dozen more suites in the New Year. We know that each guestroom is an opportunity to help someone else that’s needed to reset and heal.”

The on-location program at We Care Spa, however, only represents one portion of the total well-being regimen curated by Lombardi and her colleagues. They also guide patients on the complete set of homecare they need to follow in order to sustain their healthy direction

As Lombardi went to on to describe, “I realized it’s so easy to work the cleanse from wherever you call home. We really had a full-circle moment. As our longtime guests reached out to us for help, we quickly put together a plan to help our extended family get back on track the only way we knew how. The Complete Rejuvenation Kit is simply the seven powders, supplements, and drink recipes that anyone completing the cleanse here has every day. To have a product line backed up by a real brick-and-mortar operation… it gives customers that extra sense of confidence. You can be following our at-home program and know that you’re drinking the same smoothies or juices as our guests here. I mean, we’ve always sold the individual products, but putting the package and recipe guide together has been life-changing for the thousands who haven’t been able to travel or book a reservation.

So many of our clients make the weeklong cleanse here a routine part of their health, and it was really quite devastating when the world changed. To be able to offer them this program, from the comfort and safety of their homes, that was a natural progression for We Care.”

            It is no wonder, then, that We Care Spa- both through its on-site regimen as well as its well-rounded product kit- has been a source of great relief for patients during the pandemic.

Beyond just selling the product, Lombardi went on to elaborate on some of the new innovative extensions offered by We Care Spa to create an inclusive and sustainable healing experience:

“We brought our physical fasting program home with the Complete Rejuvenation Kit, and then we had to think about bringing our educational values to the people who needed it. We got digital, like everyone else, and created our Wellness Wednesday series through Zoom and on our social media. We’ve created a really special (virtual) space for guests and curious minds to come together from all over the globe. Our educators and guest speakers cover anything from hormones to astrology to the gut microbiome – it’s the perfect representation of the kind of education you get in a week at We Care.”

            From the immediate results experienced at the spa to the life-changing homecare routine, We Care Spa’s results peak for themselves. And there’s a clear, logical scientific explanation for it . As Lombardi delineates: “While you’re fasting your organs are taking the energy they’d normally use to digest food and they’re looking for toxins to eliminate from the body. That gets accelerated with our spa treatments that target the skin, the body’s largest organ of elimination. You see the results of this – clearer complexion, brighter eyes, weight loss, increased energy – after 2-3 days. And once those toxins are gone, they can’t be reintroduced as long as you have the knowledge to keep them at bay.

Our clients get to walk away with a lifetime of wisdom from our team. In a week at We Care classes range from food preparation to breathing techniques to the immune system and beyond. We give everyone the knowledge and tools to go home and enjoy a healthy, toxin-free life. So, it’s the combination of giving your body the time to cleanse, and the set-up for your return home that really changes lives. It really goes back to the message behind We Care. We’re not reinventing the wellness industry, simply caring enough to make sure our clients get meaningful and consistent results. That’s what people are looking for, especially where their health is concerned.”