Mister SFC Releases Naruto Inspired Jewelry

The acclaimed San Francisco men’s jewelry brand Mister SFC is famed for its anime and manga jewelry collabs. This time, the brand extends its bandwidth to Naruto fans, dropping an officially-licensed Naruto jewelry collection.

Drawing inspiration from the fandom of the cult-favorite Japanese manga series, the Naruto x Mister SFC™ collaboration comes into fruition as a full range of jewelry consisting of a ring, earrings, necklace, bracelet, and pendant.

The special-edition collection features some of the manga’s most iconic ninja weapons to create a series of high-quality, stainless steel jewelry pieces with gold, chrome, and black finishing. As any true Naruto fan will notice, Mister SFC has drawn inspiration from iconic references from the manga. These include Naruto’s father Minato’s Kunai (aka the “Flying Thunder God Kunai”), the Hidden Leaf Village shinobi headband symbol, Asuma’s Chakra Blade, the One Thousand Years Of Death Jutsu hand sign and Naruto’s self-invented “wind release” attack rasenshuriken – all of which are transformed from key motifs to wearable jewelry pieces.

The Hidden Leaf Village ring, the One Thousand Years Of Death necklace and the Rasenshuriken necklace will come with limited edition toy-style blister packaging for diehard fans.

Mister SFC’s Naruto collection is now available on Mister SFC’s online store, with pieces starting at $32 USD.