Mom’s grocery cart hack makes shopping with kids much easier: ‘That’s so smart!’

This mom’s grocery cart hack has people on the internet talking.  

Lauren Clutter’s TikTok is dedicated to motherhood tips and hacks. Last year, she discovered a new shopping trick. It’s perfect for parents who are juggling restless children on all those necessary — but not exactly kid-friendly — trips to the supermarket.

In the video, Clutter and her two sons were in a supermarket parking lot. The mom had an empty grocery cart ready to go and her sons were eager to hop inside of it. 

“I learned this on TikTok,” Clutter said. “Did you know that you can just lift this part up for your kids to crawl right into the cart instead of having to lift them over the top? I can’t believe I just learned this!” 

Clutter pushed the back of the cart in, the flap that usually lifts when you stack it, and her sons easily crawled inside. No heavy-lifting here! 

The mom hack received over 107,000 likes on TikTok

“Yes! Best trick!” one person commented.

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“Omg! How did I never realize this before now?” another wrote

“Wow. That’s so smart!” someone said

While some comments claimed that kids shouldn’t go inside the cart, Clutter gave them some food for thought.

“All the non-parents saying this isn’t allowed, please remember that when you actually have kids and go to the grocery store,” the mom responded.

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