Natural Dry Body Oil Review For Soft, Glowing Skin

I’m very comfortable using this body oil quite literally all over my body, because I know the ingredients are good: We blended together a mix of sunflower, organic safflower, squalane, prickly pear, and vitamin E oils. These are full of skin-supporting nutrients to nurture the skin barrier, provide antioxidant properties, and feed the skin lipids.

We have sunflower and organic safflower oils to thank for the silky texture, but they also provide vitamin E, linoleic acid, and fatty acids. We use an olive-derived squalane to enhance skin barrier function, comfort sensitive skin, and replenish lipids to dry skin.

For an added dose of antioxidant properties, the blend also contains prickly pear seed oil and vitamin E (in the active form of tocopherol). Prickly pear seed is full of nutrients like vitamin E and phytosterols. In addition to the fact that many of our botanical oils naturally contain vitamin E, we also added an active form of the antioxidant to stabilize the blend as well as to enhance the oil’s skin-supporting qualities.

These ingredients make it great for skin at any age or for any need. It’s light enough that it won’t overwhelm areas of the body that naturally produce more sebum but rich enough that it can cradle and comfort dry areas too. It’s fragrance-free, so sensitive skin folks can wear it too (of course, check the ingredient list to see if you’re not personally sensitive to any of the individual ingredients). It’s chock-full of nutrients that support skin at any stage of life. Our body oil is for every body.