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It’s advisable to visit a salon once a month for the upkeep of your hair, both facial and on the head. Not only does a good hairstyle gives one a nice look it also shows that you care for your appearance and that’s an attractive quality. Oftentimes, men opt for short hairstyles as they are low maintenance, don’t require much upkeep and give you a chance to style them quickly. If you are planning a short hair look this season, here are some trending hairstyles that you must try that will not only look edgy and sharp but will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Crew cuts are some of the most stylish short-hair looks that men can opt for. It generally involves shaving the back and sides of the head to one uniform length. Meanwhile, the hair on top of your head was shaved to a slightly longer length. This way, the shaved sides appeared blended-in with the top of the hair. It is also referred to as a buzz cut. 

Textured crop buzz

In this style, the back and sides are shaved down to zero. A slight amount of length is maintained on top. This looks sharp, is low maintenance and is perfectly suited for oval and diamond face shapes


Mid Fade

The blend between the long and short parts of the hair happens near the crown of the head. It is suited for circle, square and round face shapes.

Disconnected Buzz Cut

In this style, the blend between the short and long hair is absent as there is no fading. This look is a bit more daring. However, it catches attention quickly. 

Crew cut 

In a crew cut, the back, sides and top are all cut to the same uniform length. It looks sharp and best suited for oval and diamond face shapes. 

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Brush Cut

In this cut, the sides and back hair are trimmed a bit more than the top so that it gives the look of brushed hair. 

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