Space Buns Top Pinterest’s 2022 Hair Trends

If you’re more than over 2021, embrace the new year with a new hairdo — 2022’s hair trends scream the words “fresh start.”

Space buns and rebellious Joan Jett-inspired shag haircuts are the most wanted hairstyles for the year ahead. Pinterest’s 2022 “Pinterest Predicts” report shows that playful “puff” hairstyles will continue to pop up on social media feeds, especially after being worn by a multitude of celebrities.

With TikTok’s rise in the past two years, both nostalgic and e-girl aesthetics have become highly coveted looks. “We initially saw space buns taking off at the end of 2020, with the ’90s making a comeback,” said Sharon Pak, co-founder of INH Hair in an interview with Glossy. “[The hairstyle] carries e-girl energy, except this time around, it’s a fun and fresh way to switch up the do. TikTok has been a big influencer.”

“Rebel hair” is also another huge trend for 2022 — dyed locks and a rock ‘n’ roll look loudly state its presence. The shaggy ‘do arrives on the heels of the beloved wolf cut and the TikTok one-minute mullet. Internet searches for “mullet hairstyle” grew by 190%, while “shaved head dye designs” and “short hair mohawk” grew exponentially.

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