St. Louis area salon owner details top hairstyles and hair colors for fall 2022 | Style

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Photo by Kim Valle of Boldly Defined Beauty

Autumn is the season to embrace change, as vibrant summer greens give way to fiery yellow, orange, red and even deep purple hues. If you find yourself in the mood for a fresh hairdo, Kim Valle of Rock Hill’s Boldly Defined Beauty salon has advice based on what’s trending in both style and color for fall hair.

“Fall and winter – the cooler months – are the best time to embrace face-framing layers,” the salon owner says. “You are not fighting [that Midwestern summer humidity], and you won’t have to worry about your bangs sticking to your face because you’re sweating.”

Many of her clients are looking to add texture and movement to their hair, which makes the ’70s fringe and face-framing layers (think Goldie Hawn’s curtain bangs, Jane Birkin’s blunt bangs or Stevie Nicks’ no-fuss waves) an ideal style with which to add dimension.

“The color of 2022 fall is definitely copper,” Valle says. “I find copper to be beautiful on a lot of different skin tones, and it really accentuates peoples’ eye color. So, green eyes, blue eyes, hazel eyes, brown eyes … It really looks beautiful with that copper backdrop.”

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Photo by Kim Valle of Boldly Defined Beauty

A blend of red, orange and brown, this metallic hue taking its cue from natural landscapes packs a lot of potential.

“There’s a lot of different variations to copper,” Valle explains. “You could go for something bright and vibrant, or something a little more muted by incorporating pieces throughout your hair color with lowlights.”

Another reason for the resurgence of ’70s style may involve an increasing desire to embrace one’s own natural beauty through minimal styling efforts and by shining a spotlight on the hair texture with which you were born.

“People are definitely going with a more effortless style,” Valle says. “That’s what we’re seeing from celebrities. So the overly complicated braided hairstyles are fading out. More of that everyday look – so, like, a little bit of a messy ponytail or a low bun at the nape of your neck – just looks really beautiful and timeless.”

If your hair already has a lot of texture and you crave bangs of your own (think of celebrities Zendaya or Yara Shahidi), ask your stylist to cut your hair dry to ensure you achieve a proper length for your desired look.


Photo by Kim Valle of Boldly Defined Beauty

“Women are starting to embrace their natural texture a bit more, as well, instead of using flatirons and all of these heat tools,” Valle notes. “I’m seeing clients with natural weaves and curls embracing that [and] finding products that work with their hair type.”

Another, very opposite trend proving popular this year is the ’90s blowout. Of course, achieving the casual hair flip of an off-duty ’90s model is no easy task. It can call for a big round brush and a high-heat hair dryer, styling product to maintain the curled end shape, or even rolling your locks.

“Women are going back to the hot rollers and Velcro rollers and wanting that big, bouncy, ’90s hair that’s definitely inspired by Cindy Crawford,” Valle agrees.

And while the timeless appeal of this high-volume style has true trend-staying power, Valle aims to manage her clients’ expectations by teaching them ways to replicate the look at home with the accessible beauty arsenal they own.

“We are a salon that focuses on what complements you – not what looks good on J Lo,” Valle explains. “We ask, ‘How is this going to fit your lifestyle?’ At the end of the day, we don’t all have a glam squad to fix us up in the morning.”

Glam squad or no, today’s fall hair trends celebrate individuality, making change a very exciting prospect.

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