How BTS’s V (Kim Taehyung) popularized the ‘Leaf Perm’ hairstyle trend among men

BTS member Kim Taehyung, aka V, is regarded as one of the fashion icons in K-pop. The different unique fashions and hairstyles he has done to express his individuality have inspired others and made him the ultimate trendsetter.

A recent trending post on theQoo with over 65,000 views and


How TikTok Is Making This Men’s Hairstyle a Trend Among Gen-Z

Many mornings, in Los Angeles, Darrell Jones’s girlfriend helps him curl his hair. Running a flat iron over small sections that have been sprayed with heat protectant, she creates small ringlets, pinning them to his head to set. For a brief moment, he looks like he’s gearing up to


Hairstyle trends hit among Gen Z and millennials

With the world getting so much closer because of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms we have young individuals influencing our lives with their fashion trends. Everyone wants what’s trending’. These trends are now being set not just by huge brands or designers, but by social media influencers.

Pineapple leaf leather is among the alternatives

Drying pineapple leaf fibers which are used to make Ananas Anam’s Pinatex.

Ananas Anam

Fashion has a damaging effect on the environment, but there are number of innovations increasingly being used by big industry names which are looking to change that. 

The production of clothing and footwear is responsible for