Beauty standards for women’s bodies has changed – and studies show how it’s impacting self-esteem

Mainstream media’s ideal beauty standard for women is constantly changing. In the nineties, women were put under pressure to have thin figures like Kate Moss. By the turn of the century, any body type that was considered even slightly bigger than the ideal slender look was deemed overweight.

Celebrities like


How Men’s Fashion Changed for the Better This Year

It’s a letdown that I’ve faced far too many times: You walk into a department store, past the fabulous and fun women’s clothes, only to find the men’s section is in a dingy basement and filled with sad, drab pieces. Unfortunately, the men’s market has historically been a snoozefest. While


40 Women Talk About What They Would Have Changed About Their Wedding, And I’ve Never Even Considered Some Of These


“I would not have told anybody about my wedding plans. Everyone felt that they knew better than us. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law lost their shit over my flower selection. My mom told me I was an embarrassment over my catering selection. When showing my aunt my Pinterest board for