A Skin Care Resolution For Each Skin Type, All Backed By Science

Whether you’re just starting to see fine lines stick around or you’ve had deeper wrinkles for decades, a collagen supplement can support the skin’s natural aging process and appearance. And while plenty of people claim that collagen supplements are just hype, research shows that, when used in the correct form


Science explains who are the most beautiful man and woman in the world

The British cosmetic surgeon Julian De Silva has carried out a study with which he has established who are the most beautiful celebrities —men and women— in the world. His analysis is based on the golden ratio —1:1.618—, the indicator of beauty followed by the Greeks.

This proportion considered perfect


‘I’m really just high on life and beauty’: the woman who can see 100 million colours | Science

It would be easy to look at the vivid array of colour contained in the paintings of artist Concetta Antico and assume she is using artistic licence. The trunks of her eucalyptus trees are hued with violet and mauve; the yellow crest on her cockatoo has hints of green


Bella Hadid Is Most Beautiful Woman On The Planet, According To Science

We’ve began to learn that there’s no such factor as an “best” body sort. Everyone’s view of “ideal” is totally different, and in addition to, perhaps, simply possibly, our our bodies are best simply as they are. It’s often troublesome to separate ourselves from the things we eat and to  

Oros Fuses Space-Age Science And Fashion In The $240 Billion Sports Apparel Market

The fashion industry got a forced makeover due to the pandemic. As an industry that thrived