Confidence Secrets From 4 Women Pushing Back Against Beauty Standards

Confidence Secrets From 4 Women Pushing Back Against Beauty Standards
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Beauty standards are engraved into girls from a young age. Our Barbies and dolls come perfectly packaged with their hair, makeup, and nails already done. Most of us played with those toys as we watched our mothers get dolled up for the day. Beauty seems fun and


The Best of 2022’s Celebrity Skin-Care Secrets

“Hi Vogue!” exclaims each star in their Beauty Secrets video, ready to pull back the curtain on the beauty and wellness rituals that help them look and feel their best. While these stars may have fame and notoriety in common, their regimens are incredibly distinct—serving as a reminder that


Welcome to South Asian Gen Z’s ‘auntie’ era, with hair oiling, cups of tea and mom’s beauty secrets

Before Kaaviya Sambasivam left for elementary school each morning, her mother performed a ritual that generations of South Asian women had done before. In familiar rhythmic motions, she massaged her daughter’s head with coconut oil, combing through the strands of hair and securing them in two tight braids. The slick


Oscars Skincare & Beauty Secrets 2022: 4 Celebrity Facialists Reveal Their Skin-Care Tips and Tricks for the Red Carpet

While bright lights, glamorous fashion, and cheering fans are all hallmarks of a walk down the red carpet, Oscars beauty secrets continue to mystify us, each star’s glowing complexion more blinding than the next on Hollywood’s biggest night. But trust that there are many steps leading up to a celebrity’s


9 Supermodels Share Their 2022 Skin-Care Secrets

Consistency is key! I never go to bed without washing off my makeup and I’m very consistent with my morning and evening skin-care routines. Two of my favorite products I just cannot live without are my Kora Organics Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask and our Turmeric Glow Moisturizer. I


14 Fashion Secrets About And Just Like That… Revealed

However, Rogers and Santiago’s plans for a bright 10-episode long affair “fell apart” when they read the script for episode two, which featured—Spoiler alert!—a funeral for Mr. Big (Chris Noth). To keep the storyline shrouded in mystery, they referred to it as the “black event,” Rogers revealed, adding,


34 Dollar Store Secrets You Need To Know Before You Shop

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Dollar stores are known for their incredible deals — but there are ways to save even more on their already low prices.

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Fascinating Beauty Secrets From Indian Women

One of the biggest realizations in western beauty in recent years has undoubtedly been the swaths of inspiration we can draw from the Far East—from ancient skincare traditions to innovative new technologies and everything in between. But while much of the focus has been on the 10-step skincare routines of