Frandor Shopping Center agrees to continue CATA service

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – An agreement has been made that will allow CATA to continue to service the Frandor Shopping Center.

Background: 2 CATA bus stops to be removed at Frandor Shopping Center

The Lansing Retail Center announced it would remove two CATA bus stops from Frandor on Tuesday to


Google Shopping Experience Scorecard To Promote Merchants In Search Who Provide Excellent Customer Service

Google is emailing folks who use the Google Merchant Center about a new Shopping experience scorecard that will be used to boost rankings in Google Shopping, amongst other benefits, for merchants who provide an “excellent customer experience.” In short, if you provide a good customer service, Google will reward you


Fine jewellery subscription service launches

Fine jewellery subscription makes precious pieces accessible

Shared ownership platform Covett has launched three new jewellery subscription options, making for hassle-free borrowing of dazzling pieces

A new subscription service takes the hassle out of wearing fine jewellery. Covett, whose unique ownership model allows co-owners to wear pieces at a fraction


Pandemic Shoppers Are a Nightmare to Service Workers

In May, I stood in the rear galley of an airplane and watched as a line formed to berate the flight attendant next to me. We were at a gate at LaGuardia, our flight half an hour delayed, and the air inside the cabin was acrid with the aromas