Jewelry Display Ideas for Retail Shops

Jewelry makes a fantastic addition to any outfit, be it casual or formal. With such a wide variety of styles, prices, and gemstones, it’s extremely hard not to find a gift!

If you are selling these jewelry items, you might be wondering how customers can see this variety. With so


On the Border, Buying Clothes by the Pound at Ropa Usada Shops

McALLEN, Texas — A mountain of clothes swallowed half of Juani Lira’s petite body, from the waist down. But the 67-year-old did not seem to mind. Ms. Lira closely inspected a pair of black shorts studded with rhinestones and tossed them behind her, unimpressed. Too flashy for her teenage granddaughter,


Seven Pittsburgh shops with body care products perfect for cold temps | Winter Guide 2022 | Pittsburgh

The winter is a notorious time for cold hands, ashy legs, and chapped lips. The Pittsburgh weather landscape is also one of extremes, so it can be easy to go into the season unprepared. Before things get too bad, try this list of


Small Shops Flourish in the U.K., Offering Hope for the Global Retail Industry

LEEDS, England—A retail shakeout punctuated by the pandemic hit the U.K. especially hard. Independent shops, though, are thriving there.

That offers a modest silver lining for a global industry laid low by a pre-pandemic explosion of e-commerce, followed by on-again, off-again Covid-19 lockdowns. The number of independent shops—classified as privately-owned  

Takedown notices threaten online thrift shops as business is exploding

In January 2020, Jade Myers, a successful seller of secondhand clothes on Poshmark, came across a trove of designer swimwear and apparel at a thrift store that she knew would be a hit with her shoppers. She shelled out for dozens of pieces, prepared and photographed them, and listed them