What is slugging and how do you do it?

Supposedly initially a K-Beauty trend, the term slugging appears to have first surfaced in the United States in a 2014 post in a Reddit subgroup. But it didn’t go viral until Charlotte Palermino, a New York City-based licensed aesthetician and co-founder of skin care company Dieux, introduced the concept


Slugging Your Way to Better Skin: What It Is and Why It Works


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If you’ve seen a plethora of slimy, shiny faces on TikTok recently, you’ve probably found the popular skin care routine, “slugging.” The trend has created a frenzy among beauty advocates and gone viral on TikTok due to claims that it makes skin smooth and soft. 

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What is slugging?: See what the new K-beauty trend is all about

Oftentimes, trying out the latest skin care trend requires swapping out your favorite products or having to purchase new, pricey ones. It can end up costing both your skin and your wallet, and there’s no guarantee that it’ll actually do your skin more good than harm. So when a trend