Man sparks controversy with reaction to his girlfriend’s jewelry purchase: ‘Insecure and controlling’

A woman can’t believe her boyfriend’s reaction to her fashion jewelry.

She asked for advice on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. She always wears sparkly jewelry and wanted to buy herself some fake diamond rings. But when her boyfriend saw them, he told her they were


Everyone for tennis? TikTok sparks fashion trend for Centre Court retro-cool | Fashion

In some quarters tennis style conveys heritage, tradition and perhaps a little stuffiness. But thanks in part to TikTok, a younger generation are finding credibility and cool in its pleats, regardless of whether they have ever picked up a racket or plan to watch Wimbledon when it starts on


Bridesmaid sparks wedding drama with ‘disrespectful’ last-minute outfit change: ‘She should have known’

A woman is wondering if she made the wrong decision when she let her daughter wear flip-flops to a wedding

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to weigh in. Her 14-year-old daughter was asked to be a bridesmaid at the last minute. The trouble was


Wedding guest sparks controversy with reaction to bride’s wedding plans: ‘Talk to her yourself’

A woman was relieved when she was left out of a bridal party. But the groom-to-be is infuriated by her reaction. 

She explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her friend Emma is getting married. Emma told the Reddit poster she didn’t have to be


Video of Groom Checking His Phone During Wedding Ceremony Sparks Debate on TikTok

In a humorous tribute to her four-year wedding anniversary, one woman on TikTok shared a clip from her nuptials that has viewers locked in a heated discussion. In the video, Taylor Loren’s now-husband is shown checking his phone during one of the most important moments of his life: as his