17 Winter Skin-Care Routine 2023 Essentials That Dermatologists Approve Of

Winter has officially kicked off, and with colder months comes a change in humidity, exposure to indoor heaters, and blustery winds that actually can make skin feel drier and look duller. In order to guard against cold weather-induced concerns like dryness and flaky skin, you may need to make a


10 Best Skin Care Products for Winter

Winter brings the holiday season, trips to see family and time cozying up in bed. But however magical the wintertime may be to some, the season’s harsh weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Dropping temperatures and lack of humidity prevent our skin from retaining moisture. Itchy, dry skin


Fashion Trends That Are Making A Comeback This Winter

In fashion, trends come and go like a boomerang, with decades-old trends disappearing and reappearing 20 or more years later. Fashion designers look into the fashion archive for inspiration for new garments but reinvent them. In the early 2020s, many fashion trends will reappear, but let’s look at what


12 Winter 2023 Fashion Trends, From Leather Blazers To Leg Warmers

As winter rolls around and the weather gets cooler, it can be hard some days to want to dress in anything other than a plush sweater, your softest joggers, and UGG boots — AKA the basic winter starter pack. But thankfully, there’s a whole host of stylish trends that will


9 Elegant Winter Wedding Fashions for Your Philadelphia Big Day

winter wedding fashions

Winter wedding fashions for your Big Day / Styling by Lauren Kozakiewicz / Hair and Makeup by Bryona Smith / Florals by Jollifier Floral / Photography by Charlie Wrzesniewski / Shot on location at Parque Ridley Creek

If you’re planning for your wedding this season, consider embracing elegance in your


Oui the People’s First-of-Its-Kind Melting Body Balm Revived My Parched, Winter Skin

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Get through the cold-weather seasons with this softening, toning, and hydrating formula.

<p>Oui the People</p>

I’ve always taken joy in my skincare routine, but I only got serious about body care after turning 30. My skin


Winter fashion trends inspired by your favourite K-Drama and K-Pop stars that should be a part of your closet | Fashion Trends

If you have spent countless sleepless nights binge-watching K-Dramas or listening to K-Pop songs, you would know one thing for sure – the Hallyu wave has the world in its grip, and the craze is going nowhere anytime soon. People’s interest in South Korean dramas and the music industry got


My Winter Fashion Trend Predictions

As the winter season quickly approaches, we’re beginning to see people sport the upcoming season’s fashion choices. 

Temperatures are swiftly starting to drop, and people are starting to shift wardrobe choices entirely as it begins to feel more like winter. There are several fashion trends that I feel will carry


15 Best Winter 2022 Hair Trends, Cuts, and Color Ideas to Copy

15 Best Winter 2022 Hair Trends, Cuts, and Color Ideas to Copy

@gigihadid, @lauraharrier

The start of winter will be here before you know it, and unlike the last two years, the winter 2022 season is going to look a bit different, thanks to us finally entering a (somewhat!) post-pandemic world. Think: Less nights at home watching holiday romcoms on your couch,


Winter is coming: Vitamins and face masks, skin care is important

As we leave the chirpy warm days behind, we should take care of our tired skin that has been worn out all summer and prepare it for the cold winter hours ahead. So, today I want to talk about how well we know our skin, and what these preparation stages