Elana’s Blessings: Offering beauty sessions to women battling cancer | Helping The Helpers

Born of the grieving process was Elana’s Blessings, a Washington-based nonprofit co-founded in 2015 by Jessica Seger Hilker and her brother David Seger, to honor their late mother, Elana, who died in 2014 following a 16-year battle with breast cancer.

During that battle, Elana Seger continued dressing up, doing her


Beauty pageants: Men are better at being women than women themselves

Men: They can do anything women can do, only better. At least, that seems to be what beauty pageants are preaching these days.

Amid recent signs of progress in beauty pageants — a black woman winning Miss Universe, a scientist being crowned Miss America — there has been another


The 26 Best Necklaces for Women to Wear Every Day


Insightful Visionaries Launches the Women Uplifting Women Health, Wealth, & Beauty Expo on Sat, Sept 17 in Raleigh, NC

Insightful Visionaries Launches the Women Uplifting Women Health, Wealth, & Beauty Expo on Sat, Sept 17 in Raleigh, NC

Carolyn Marshall Covington, Founder of Insightful Visionaries

Women Uplifting Women Health, Wealth, & Beauty Expo will be held on Sat, Sept 17, 2022 from 11am-4pm at Five Points Center for Active Adults in Raleigh, NC.

Join this diverse group of women in our community who strive to be more inclusive

Most Responsible Beauty Brands, According To Indian Women

Beauty does not lie in the eye of the beholder, and beauty brands know it.

The perception of beauty has changed post Covid. For the smart independent Indian women of today, it’s more about feeling good than looking good. The introduction of Work From Home has reduced the


50 Fun and flattering shoulder-length haircuts for women for 2022

The shoulder-length haircuts are the most ideal length of all, falling somewhere between a chin-grazing short bob and long, beachy waves. This short hairstyle, which grazes only the shoulders and collarbone, is well-liked for a reason. Why is that so? It looks good on most people and is relatively easy


70 Best haircuts for women to try in 2022

As they say, change is as good as a holiday, and a new hairstyle is the best way to mix things up. While there is nothing wrong with a solid rotation of straight, curls, top knots, and ponytails, a styled cut can drastically improve your hair game. It can be


‘Muscles look cooler’: South Korean women reshape idea of beauty | South Korea

When Yoo Wonhee was younger, she had a frail body and didn’t think of herself as strong. She says in the past, many Koreans would starve themselves to be skinny. Now, Yoo spends time building her muscles and says her chiselled physique is the envy of her peers.



Beauty Products Transgender Women Use to Feel Empowered

I applied it in the tester mirrors until my lashes touched my eyebrows, and then hid my eyes from my parents while they helped me unpack in my dorm room. I have two dads and two openly gay cousins, but I knew that coming out as a trans girl would


5 dangerous but common beauty procedures women do

Even in modern times, women are still risking their lives. In this article, we list some of these risky but deadly beauty routines.

A chemical peel is a procedure where a person’s skin is soaked in chemicals that aim at removing the skin’s top layer.

Most women