Tips and tricks to include sustainability in luxurious wedding decor

Indian weddings are all about glamorous celebrations, heartfelt ceremonies, scrumptious food, and rich sentiments. In urban India, weddings have become integral to grandeur and opulence, which is now seeing a significant paradigm shift. In recent years with a global push towards sustainability, we are starting to see a rise in eco-conscious millennial couples, eco-friendly wedding decor, and ideas to throw a sustainable luxury wedding. More millennials are looking for sustainable solutions when organising their big day, from choosing eco-friendly locations to using digital invites for a small guest list and using local and seasonal items. (Also read: Home interior decor tips to create aesthetic pleasing vibe in your house )

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Prerana Agarwal Saxena, Founder of Theme Weavers Designs, suggested some important tips and tricks to include sustainability in luxurious wedding decor.

1. Eco-friendly material choice

From the construction of the Mandap only with natural materials to the elegant white rows of breathable fabric hanging overhead, a luxurious wedding can ooze sustainability and at the same time exude extravagance. Sustainable weddings always need not be intimate and small. One can travel to destinations and plan luxurious weddings, yet can also be eco-friendly. Some simple tips include using eco-friendly materials like jute or cane for your wedding decor. Additionally, reusing decor elements for wedding functions in a creative way can also make a luxurious wedding more eco-friendly.

2. Vocal for local

Using locally sourced materials for your wedding decor transmits the essence of the locality, at the same time, contributes to sustainability. This not only gives opportunities to local craftsmen and vendors but also reduces waste and the overall carbon footprint of a wedding. For instance, a wedding can be decorated using locally grown flowers and reusable or recyclable decor made by community artisans. It is essential to look at every aspect of the decor, figure out a more eco-friendly way of doing it, and experience the magic happening!

3. Venue as decor

An eco-friendly wedding can even start with choosing a sustainable venue that reduces the carbon footprint of the celebration. The easiest choice for such a venue is to opt for an outdoor garden. It reduces energy use by cutting down lighting and minimizing the decors, as greenery becomes a glamorous backdrop for the wedding. A lush green garden, a beautiful lawn, a picturesque vineyard, rolling hills, or any other stunning destination can reduce the use of wedding decor thus promoting a sustainable celebration.

4. Artificial flowers

Recently, the trend of artificial flowers has seen a sudden rise for a number of reasons. A simple way to implement sustainable decor in your wedding is to swap real floral bouquets with artificial flowers. Also, the practice of using fresh flowers to shower the couple can be replaced with fabric petals. In addition, you could step up your eco-friendly wedding game by using faux flower varmalas instead of flowers. Artificial flowers are also ideal for future use, as they are non-perishable.

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