Top Summer Haircut Trends in 2022

We’re not the biggest fans of summer weather, but we do love ourselves some summer haircut trends. The change in seasons often encourages us to switch up our ‘do. If you’re anything like us, you’re itching at the bit to chop your tresses. Well, we’ve got just the thing for you. We reached out to the experts to get all the deets on summer 2022’s biggest haircut trends. Whether you want to go short, medium, or long, there’s a cut for you below!

The Shixie

We love a combination haircut trend. We’ve seen the bixie, the mixie, and this summer, we may just see the rise of the shixie. Los Angeles haircutter and educator Tim Dueñas notes that “this haircut combines the bold length of a pixie with the texture of a shag.”

Loose Bob With Curtain Fringe

Tim says this bob is a luxe haircut trend we’ll see everywhere this summer. “For the last few seasons we have been seeing curtain fringe,” he says. “The textured nature of this bob seamlessly integrates the fringe for a functional air dry and an easygoing feel.”

The Skater Bob

No, you don’t need to be skater to sport this summer haircut trend. “With its square shape and blurred perimeter, this haircut is a modern take on ’90s skater culture,” notes Tim. We feel ready for summer just looking at it.

Feathered Bob

International educator and Dyson global styling ambassador Peter Thomsen notes that the feathered bob will be a big hit this summer. Adding a few textured layers to a classic bob will give you that tousled fresh-from-the-beach look you crave.

Flipped Bob

Atlanta haircut specialist Dyana Nematalla notes that “this isn’t your mom’s bob. This summer, we’re seeing this classic cut get a modern touch with a sleek flip at the bottom. Celebrities from Taraji P. Henson to Kourtney Kardashian have rocked this look. It’s minimalistic, sleek, and sexy—a perfect combination for summer.” We totally agree!

The Bixie

The bixie isn’t going anywhere. A combination of a bob and pixie, Dyana shares the cut “is a more elevated take on the pixie with longer layers and tons of movement. I love this look for summer because it can be styled lots of ways and works for straight hair or curly, and every texture in between.”

Face-Framing Curly Cut

To get your curls to wow this summer, Peter suggests asking for a face-framing curly cut. It’ll give your ringlets definition and draw attention to that beautiful visage of yours.

Bouncy ’90s Supermodel Hair

With Pam Anderson’s ’90s hair all over TikTok, it’s no surprise bouncy ’90s hair will be a big summer haircut trend. “We’ve seen how fashion trends from the ’90s are having a major comeback—and now we’re seeing it with hair,” shares Dyana. “The big bouncy, Cindy Crawford volume is back. But this summer, we’re seeing it updated with face-framing layers that are a bit chunkier and deconstructed. This look is a nice option for those who love a curtain fringe, but with a little flair.”

Shaggy Bob

“We’re seeing major hair inspiration from shows like Stranger Things and pop stars like Billie Eilish, who has been sporting a shaggy bob,” says Dyana. “With thick, choppy layers and face-framing pieces, this look is great for beach days and beyond.”

Curly Wolf Cut

The wolf cut has been showcased solely on straight hair for quite some time, but who says those with curly hair can’t join in on the fun? “For ladies with curly hair, this wolf cut blends the sexiness of a shag with the rock ‘n’ roll of a soft mullet,” Dyana points out. “With lots of textured layers, it’s a fun, carefree look that’s just as gorgeous styled as it is undone.”

Shattered One-Length With Fringe

Looking for a haircut that won’t require too much maintenance? Look no further. “This look is meant to be air dried and left to its own devices,” notes Tim. “The fringe is light and airy,” perfect for summer.

The Heavy Shag

For those who want a shag that’s a little more grown out, this one is for you. “This haircut is exactly what it sounds like,” shares Tim. “With strong curtain fringe and long heavy layers, the perimeter is cut blunt to contrast the interior layers.”

The New Rachel

In case you didn’t already know, the ’90s are back and heavily influencing summer haircut trends. Tim shares that the new Rachel “takes inspiration from the very popular haircut from the ’90s, but this shape is upfront with a stronger perimeter and a little bit longer face-framing layers.” The Rachel, but make it modern.

The Manta Ray

You might’ve seen the octopus haircut take center stage earlier this year. Allow Tim to introduce another sea creature-inspired chop, the manta ray. “Taking inspiration from the shape of a manta ray, with a long jaw grazing fringe, this haircut is great for the client that wants to have some fun while keeping their layers long and the perimeter a bit fuller,” he says.

Layered Lob

The lob is a classic in between style for those not ready to go short but also want to lose some length. Peter suggests adding in some layers to give it a little more fullness and dimension.

’80s Long Layers

Not only are the ’90s back, so are the ’80s. We can definitely blame Stranger Things for that influence, but we’re not mad about it. To make this trend more modern, Peter suggests going with full ’80s layers. Don’t be afraid to really pump up the volume.

Swoop Fringe

Peter shares that “coming off the curtain bang, it’s a grown out textured fringe with can be a little more diverse when styling.” It’s perfect those looking to seamlessly grow out their curtain bangs, too.