Trendy Hairstyles for 2022 | YouBeauty

It seems like new hairstyles are coming out every minute. You miss a day on Instagram, and you won’t know which celebrity is rocking which style.

The new year is upon us, which means new styles are too. People like to start the year off with change, and changing up your hair is the best way to do it.

If you want to change up your look for the new year, try one of these trends cuts or colors.

That’s right, like it or not, bangs are back. They may not be the choppy and harsh bangs you knew as a child or the side-swept ones you knew as a preteen, but they are here. The modern fringe is wispy and light. Rather than last year’s bulky curtain bangs, wispy bangs soften a look. It is a piecey look rather than a blunt one and draws attention to the eyes.

The bob is back too. This year seems to be pulling styles from the past and making them fresh again. A bob is not a person but a shorter blunt haircut. A wavy or beachy bob was the style a few years back, but now straight and sleek bobs are all the rage. Selena Gomez has been rocking one lately and has certainly influenced the trend.

A shag may not sound as chic as it really is, but it is easy and breezy. A shag offers tons of layers and texture to hair of any type. Whether you have super short hair, shoulder-length hair, curly or straight hair, a shag is going to suit you. Just add some product like a mousse to calm flyaways, and you can start your day. This is the idea 2022 hairstyle for those low-maintenance gals.

Both Zoe Kravitz and Zendaya have been showing off braids on red carpets this year, and they look stunning. Braids are perfect because they can be dressed up or down and offer an easy style for anyone. They aren’t permanent like a cut, so you can try something new without committing to it as well.

With the launch of “Just Like That,” the “Sex and The City” reboot, the love for Carrie’s original curly vibe is back and bigger than ever. Messy and even frizzy natural waves and curls are more coveted than ever. Women are being praised for foregoing the heat and letting their natural hair be. This look is so well-loved that many people are getting perms again just to keep up with the trend.

Chunky Highlights
Wait, don’t run off just yet. These are not the chunky highlights you remember from middle school or Kelly Clarkson circa “American Idol” fame. Today’s chunky highlights are subtle. Instead of a lot of tiny strands, the chunks are big, and the colors are low contrast. You are probably still cringing at the platinum highlight next to near-black hair, but don’t worry. The current trend is much more natural and modern.

The ’70s
What does that mean? Well, just about any style from the ’70s is fair game. Flipped layers? Yes. Afros? Yes. Straight hair with face-framing angles? Yes. With all the throwback TV shows trending at the moment, it is no wonder all these styles are making a comeback. Now you can check out your mom’s old photo albums for some style inspiration. Most of these looks are updated and not as harsh as in years past, but they still pull from that decade with groovy vibes.