Try These Simple Tips for Camera-Ready Beauty

It’s always frustrating when you see a picture of yourself and aren’t happy with the way you look. You’ve heard that old saying about how the camera adds 10 pounds, but thanks to the high definition of smartphone cameras, it can also feel like it adds 10 years, seemingly magnifying every facial flaw. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to ensure you look your best on camera. These clever hacks for camera-ready beauty will help you look and feel picture perfect.

To ‘Lift’ Features: Try Jelly Highlighter

Dabbing shiny petroleum jelly onto strategic areas of the face helps reflect light onto skin to optically perk up features, offsetting any droopiness. Bonus? It gives skin a dewy glow.

Try It: After applying makeup, dab a pea-size amount of petroleum jelly onto the high points of the face (top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brow bones, forehead, chin, and Cupid’s bow), then blend out with fingers.

To Glow With the Flow: Try Facial Massage

A facial massage doesn’t just feel great, it also perks up your skin. Rubbing on a soothing facial oil boosts blood flow to the skin’s surface, giving your face a youthful brightness that counteracts a dull or sallow-looking complexion.

Try It: Rub three drops of a facial oil on fingers, then use circular motions to massage along the jawline, cheeks, under the eyes, ears, and forehead, spending one minute on each area.

To Whiten Yellow Teeth: Try a Banana Peel Rub

The fruit peel’s unique compounds act as natural bleaching agents, which absorb into teeth to break down set-in stains. Plus, when rubbing it on teeth, the flesh side’s slightly gritty texture gently removes any teeth-dulling plaque.

Try It: Rub the flesh side of a 2 inch piece of banana peel on teeth in circular motions for two minutes. Let sit 10 minutes, then use a dry toothbrush to buff off any remaining stains or residue; rinse with water.

To Brighten Eyes: Try This Liner

Swiping a nude liner along the waterline of the lower eyelid conceals inner-rim redness so the whites of eyes appear instantly brighter. Even better? The soft, subtle hue visually widens eyes so you’ll look even more awake and alert.

Try It: Use one of these nude eyeliners to combat the look of tired eyes.

To Look Slimmer: Try These 3 Tricks

If you want to make your face and figure look slimmer in photos, these three simple tricks will help you feel more confident.

1. To Erase a Double Chin: Imagine a Tennis Ball

Draw your chin forward in a slight arc, like you have a tennis ball tucked under it, then smile and hold the stance. This easy move stretches and elongates your neck to define your chin for a chiseled-looking jawline.

2. To Whittle the Middle: Do the Twist

Stand with your head facing toward the camera, twist your body slightly sideways, then smile. The subtle twist creates the illusion of a flatter tummy while helping your silhouette appear more long, lean, and narrow.

3. To Trim Arms: Try a Power Pose

Hold your arms slightly away from your body or put your hands on your hips. When arms press against the body it can make them and the body look thicker, but leaving a space between them creates a slimming contour.

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.