Wedding guest sparks controversy with reaction to bride’s wedding plans: ‘Talk to her yourself’

A woman was relieved when she was left out of a bridal party. But the groom-to-be is infuriated by her reaction. 

She explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her friend Emma is getting married. Emma told the Reddit poster she didn’t have to be in the bridal party. The Reddit poster was pleased because she doesn’t like anything formal and felt Emma was being considerate. However, Emma’s fiancé took the Reddit poster’s response personally and blew up on her. 

“My friend Emma is getting married on the 20th,” the Reddit poster said. “Originally, the wedding was scheduled for next year, but due to her mom’s illness, they moved it up. Sadly, her mom passed away a week after they changed the date. At her mom’s funeral, she took me aside and informed me I wasn’t going to be a part of the bridal party. I wasn’t that upset about it, as I had assumed I would be left out, as my friend is pretty well aware I’m just not suited for it. I just haven’t the patience for dress fittings, and all things bridal. I was relieved. My friend laughed and said she knew that’s how I would react, and we went about our lives.” 

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But the groom-to-be contacted the Reddit poster about her reaction. 

“However, obviously it didn’t end there, or I would not be here. Her fiancé contacted me and is offended I’m not upset,” she explained. “See, I don’t really like him. At all. But that’s not stopping me from having my friend’s back in all this. I put aside my dislike of him years ago since Emma loves him and I’ll be damned if my dislike will ruin that. He’s taking it personally that I’m relieved to be excluded from the bridal party. Despite me telling him several times it’s nothing against him, it’s my aversion to anything formal. He’s claiming I should have acted a little more upset, maybe made a sad face or something. I told him I wasn’t doing that, it was stupid to act like I was upset when I wasn’t when my friend has got other things to worry about. But I’m starting to worry that maybe I hurt Emma’s feelings by being relieved.” 

Reddit users found the fiancé’s behavior suspicious

“You should talk to her yourself,” one person said

“What kind of weird mind games are they playing?” another wrote

“That’s such a genuinely odd reaction from him,” a user commented.

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