What is a bixie? All about the trendy hairstyle everyone seems to be talking about

There’s a hot new haircut in town and it’s got a pretty fun name: “the bixie.”

While talking about some of 2022’s most fabulous trends on Monday morning, Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager asked Bustle’s executive beauty director Faith Xue to break down the hairstyle that everyone seems to be talking about.

“We’ve never even heard of it. What is a ‘bixie?’ Jenna asked.

“It is literally the length between a bob and a pixie, but it has those feathered, almost layered spiky ends like you see in a pixie,” Xue explained.

Last week, “Hawkeye” star Florence Pugh showed off her own blond bixie cut on her Instagram and she seems to be enjoying the funky, fresh style.

Actor Rowan Blanchard was one of the early bixie trendsetters and wore her hair in the choppy, short style in 2019 at Paris Fashion Week.

Blanchard was ahead of her time and worked the bixie back in 2019.Jacopo Raule / Getty Images

How to make the bixie hair trend work

According to Xue, the key to rocking this short, choppy style is texture.

“Really embrace that undone, almost dirty sort of vibe,” she instructed the co-hosts, adding that a texturizing spray can help achieve that raw texture.

“I love that we’ve gone from dry shampoo to something that makes your hair dirty,” Jenna replied.

Lilybeth Vargas, an extension and color specialist in New York and founder of Dúo Hair, also told TODAY that the multidimensional, low-maintenance style is great for all types of hair textures.

“It’s a simple wash-and-wear look using minimal products like a volumizing root spray or a leave-in hydration conditioner,” she explained.

So, is the bixie here to stay or just a passing fad? Vargas thinks it has staying power.

“It can be sexy and flirtatious or give off a cool, edgy vibe,” she said.

More hot beauty trends to try in 2022

In addition to bixie haircuts, there are a few other trends Xue recommends keeping an eye out for this year, like big hair.

For starters, that impressive volume we all loved in the ’90s is back and this time around, the look features a soft, fluffy texture you can achieve with the help of mousse.

Fresh faces and dewy skin are also en vogue and Xue recommends swapping your foundation for a tinted moisturizer to help you get that envious glow we always see on the red carpet.

Last but certainly not least, we’ll also be bringing on the bling in 2022 since crystal eye makeup is also a hot trend for the year ahead.